4 Female Idols Who Could’ve Been More Popular If Weren’t For Their Agencies

Netizens and fans think these four idols have the highest potential to become top-tier female stars if weren’t for their agencies’ lack of support and promotion.

Regardless of how impressive the talents and attributes of an idol are, a star can only shine under the right agency that will help them realize their full potential and achieve their optimized skills.

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In the K-pop scene, most of the stars sitting atop the rankings belong to the “BIG4” companies comprised of HYBE, SM, JYP and YG Entertainment. In fact, the biggest K-pop groups in the world BTS (HYBE) and BLACKPINK (YG) belong to two of the top agencies as well.

Although the aforementioned companies house the most successful artists, K-netizens are voicing out that there are also a lot of idols outside the “BIG4” that will most likely gain more recognition and success if they just found the right agencies for them.

Here Are 4 Female Idols Who Could’ve Been Big If Weren’t For Their Agencies:

1. EXID Hani


(Photo : Hani (Twitter)

Among female stars, third-generation artist EXID Hani still makes K-pop fans feel regretful about her career as an idol.

Although Hani is known for her high IQ, goddess-like beauty and impeccable dance skills and vocals, she didn’t capture the K-pop scene fully until her viral fancam for “Up & Down.”

The group rose atop various domestic charts but its former agency Banana Culture missed its chance to use this as an opportunity to expand in Korea and focused on China instead.

With the debut of new girl groups, EXID started to lag in the strong girl group competition. Along with the group, Hani also slowly drifted away from the music scene and pursued an acting career instead.

Netizens are wondering if Hani will do better if she debuted under JYP Entertainment instead, home to MissA and TWICE after finding out she’s a former JYP trainee.



(Photo : Instagram)

Even before her debut, Nancy attracted global attention for her angel-like visuals. The Korean-American singer was also lauded for her excellent body proportion, not to mention her skills in singing and dancing.

Nancy established her name in the industry even more after their tracks, “Bboom Bboom” and “BAAM” became consecutive huge hits outside Korea, especially in the Philippines.

Nancy could have risen into popularity even higher; unfortunately, its agency MLD Entertainment is only a beginner and failed to devise a strategy that can sustain its stardom.

Just like Hani, Nancy was also left behind after stars such as aespa Karina, IVE Jang Wonyoung, NewJeans Minji, and NMIXX Sullyoon appeared.

3. NMIXX Sullyoon

NMIXX Sullyoon

(Photo : Twitter: @Kpop_Herald)

Sullyoon might be one of the top visuals among fourth-gen female idols in this era, but internet users and fans feel regretful as well.

In particular, Sullyoon is currently under JYP, one of the top four companies. She’s praised not only for her outstanding visuals, but her vocals also impressed a lot of people.

Unfortunately, the agency didn’t give her enough platform to showcase her skills, let alone give her a gorgeous dress and makeup to let her beauty shine even more.

Fans believe that JYP’s concept of “MIXX POP” is a disadvantage to Sullyoon, who could have been a huge star now under a different company given her visuals and skills.

4. NMIXX Lily


(Photo : NMIXX – Twitter)
NMIXX concept photo for Lily

Lastly, Lily, a co-member of Sullyoon has been gaining attention for her vocals and dance prowess. Even before her debut, Lily is one of the most anticipated trainees under JYP, based on her performance when she joined “K-pop Star” in 2014 and won fourth place, giving her the ticket to sign with JYP in 2015.

However, due to the experimental sound of NMIXX, internet users believe that Lily’s full singing capabilities are being limited by their concept.

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