4th-Gen K-pop Girl Groups That Gained Most Social Media Followers in 2022: ITZY, LE SSERAFIM, More

In this year’s active promotions, it has been a busy year for K-Pop acts and fans, as both are working hard to reach new heights. Generations in K-pop was never uncommon since it’s natural for groups to make their mark, while letting newer groups shine. With that said, K-pop groups will certainly attract newer fans through exposure.

Social media inflicts massive influence in today’s society, which goes hand-in-hand with K-pop promotions, marketing, and advertising. With the groups’ social media accounts on the rise, fans will surely follow them on every account.

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4th Gen Girl Groups Who Dominated In Social Media With The Most Followers

On Youtube, the top 3 from 4th gen groups with most followers included LE SSERAFIM, claiming No. 1 spot with 1.6 million new followers.


(Photo : Facebook: LE SSERAFIM)
LE SSERAFIM’s ‘ANTIFRAGILE’ Scores Highest Debut on Billboard 200 for 4th Gen K-pop Girl Group

NMIXX went for No. 2 at 1.5 million, and ITZY for No. 3 with 1.4 million. 

4.    IVE – 1.4 million

5.    Kep1er – 1.4 million

6.    (G)I-DLE 1.3 million

7.    NewJeans – 1.2 million

8.    aespa – 1.1 million

9.    STAYC – 500k

ITZY claims the top spot for Instagram’s most followed 4th gen girl group. As expected of the group, since they’ve debuted for a while now, leading them to gain 4.18 million new followers. Confidence is attractive... ITZY releases 'Cheshire' today

(Photo : ITZY Twitter)

They are followed by hoobae group, NMIXX, who garnered 3.17 million. Lastly, rookie group NewJeans gained 2.71 million followers.

4.    aespa – 2.69 million

5.    LE SSERAFIM – 2.57 million

6.    (G)I-DLE – 2.06 million

7.    Kep1er – 1.93 million

8.    IVE – 1.59 million

9.    STAYC – 680k

On Twitter, aespa makes it on the 1st spot. The rookie girl group have recently acquired 1.35 million followers this year.

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(Photo : aespa (K-pop Wiki))

 They are followed by ITZY at 1.23 million, and IVE with 950k. 

4.    LE SSERAFIM – 830k new followers

5.    NewJeans – 710k new followers

6.    NMIXX – 700k new followers

7.    Kep1er – 500k new followers

8.    (G)I-DLE – 410k new followers

9.    STAYC – 320k new followers

TikTok is also a massive platform for artists, especially with its rise during the pandemic. On TikTok, ITZY earns the No. 1 spot with 4.3 million new followers on the bag.


(Photo : Twitter: @JYPEITZY_JP)

Kep1er makes it on No. 2 with 3.6 million new followers, and lastly, LE SSERAFIM rakes 3.3 million. 

4.    NewJeans – 3.1 million new followers

5.    NMIXX – 2.8 million new followers

6.    IVE- 2.6 million new followers

7.    (G)I-DLE – 2.2 million new followers

8.    aespa – 1.8 million new followers

9.    STAYC – 600k new followers

On Spotify, ITZY also dominated as No. 1 with the most followers, bringing in 1.62 million. 

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(Photo : ITZY Twitter)
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They are followed by fellow 4th gen group (G)I-DLE who gained 1.31 million new followers on the platform. Lastly, aespa attracted 1.25 million new followers, placing them on the No. 3 spot. 

4.    IVE – 1.19 million new followers

5.    NewJeans – 960k new followers

6.    LE SSERAFIM – 940k new followers

7.    Kep1er – 890k new followers

8.    NMIXX – 840k new followers

9.    STAYC – 580k new followers

Congratulations to all girl groups!

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