5 Best Female Dancers According to FreeMind Choreographer

In an interview, FreeMind choreographer Chae Dasom personally selected THESE 5 female artists as the best dancers in K-pop.

5 Best Female Dancers According to FreeMind Choreographer

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On September 9, Choreographer Chae Dasom of FreeMind sat down for an interview with media outlet YTN. During the conversation, she shared her insights about idol dancers based on her experience in the industry for 14 years.

On that day, she also named five female artists who shone best in dancing, explaining the reasons.

Chae Dasom Selects IVE Jang Wonyoung, BLACKPINK Lisa As Best Female Dancers

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IVE Jang Wonyoung 

Among the girl group members, she selected Jang Wonyoung and Lisa as some of the best female dancers in the K-pop scene.

Prior to giving her reasons, she explained that one of the standards of being the best dancer is not only how quickly they learn a choreographer, but how the dancer conveys the emotion of the song.

“It’s up to the artist to shine on the stage […] How well you express the choreography is different from whether you are quick or slow at learning.”

Thus, when asked about the best dancers among idols these days that she has her eyes on, she selected IVE Jang Wonyoung.

“IVE Jang Wonyoung is a friend who has excellent learning and expression. She learns the choreography really quickly, but when she’s given key points about her gestures and facial expressions, she immediately recognizes what the choreographers want. She also has great stamina.”


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Along with her, Dasom also mentioned BLACKPINK Lisa, saying:

“I’ve never worked with BLACKPINK Lisa, but I think she’s a (versatile) person who can handle all genres. She’s a person who can do anything cute or lively things. She’s an all-rounder.”

Choreographer Explains Reason Chung Ha, Jeon Somi, Kep1er Are Best Female Dancers

RAIN x CHUNG HA'WHY DON'T WE' 3rd teaser... Intense gaze spark two shot

(Photo : CHUNG HA Instagram)

Since then, Chae Dasom has taken out the names of the artists who showed talent in dancing among the idols she has been with.

She added soloist Chung Ha and conveyed:

“Chung Ha memorized the choreography within an hour after teaching her. She was good at dancing and learned it well. She also knows which angle she looks pretty in.”

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(Photo : Somi (News1))

Chae praised another soloist and lauded Jeon Somi’s visuals and passion for dancing.

“Somi said she wanted to take a personal lesson, so we spent time together. The more I look at Somi, the more I see that she really likes dancing.

On top of that, I really liked teaching her because she learned the dance quickly when I showed her the lesson video I did before. She is good at dancing to songs with completely different moods, too.”

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(Photo : SCMP – Twitter)
Kep1er performs at KCON LA 2022

Finally, the choreographer cited the powerful physical strength of the rookie girl group Kep1er reflected in their choreographies.

“Kep1er is the most powerful and strong friends right now. Overall, the team has good stamina. I’m so excited and I don’t have time to rest. Especially when they learn the choreography, they never do it half-heartedly.”

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