5 Hidden ‘Dance Machines’ Among K-pop Female Idols: Seungyeon, ITZY Yeji, More

These K-pop idols are extremely talented at dancing! Unfortunately, they are considered “underrated” and “overlooked.”

While these female stars would have been top-tier idol dancers in K-pop, their talents and skills are often overlooked by other fans due to either less exposure or lack of opportunity to showcase their dancing prowess.

5 Female Idols Who Are Hidden ‘Dance Machines’:


(Photo : Seungyeon M Countdown)

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Among female idols, Seungyeon, not only she isn’t praised enough for her physique, but it’s also a regret that not a lot of fans recognize her impressive dance skills.

She is a “dance machine” who knows a lot of dance genres, but it’s really saddening that she wasn’t able to show off her full skills due to CLC’s disbandment.

ITZY Yeji It'z Me

(Photo : Twitter: @ITZYofficial)

Prior to her debut, Yeji was already acknowledged as the “ace” of the group, who got both visuals and talents.

When she officially debuted, she became the leader of ITZY and was praised for her professional dance movements which also made her one of the main dancers.

But as the “unnie” of the team, it was quite regretful that Yeji seems to be holding herself back to give her younger members the spotlight.

It’s even quite a shock that a lot only know Chaeryeong as the main dancer and wasn’t aware that Yeji is actually the main dancer as well!

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(Photo : Gaeul (IVE Twitter))

The 4th-gen girl group IVE stands as one of the most popular artists in this era, but it’s a shame Gaeul seems to be last in terms of popularity among members.

But if you’ll look closely, Gaeul is not lacking anything! Aside from her tall height, singing skills and beauty, the “ELEVEN” singer also got jaw-dropping dance skills.

Unfortunately, she is often overshadowed by other members, such as Jang Wonyoung and An Yujin.

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(Photo : Soyeon (Instagram))

Soyeon is the leader, main rapper and producer of the team, and most of her fans recognize her mainly for these skills.

But actually, in terms of dance, Soyeon can slay any kind of genre and even various concepts. Rather than being overshadowed by other members, her numerous talents stand out even more than her dance.


(Photo : NMIXX – Twitter)

Jiwoo of NMIXX is also a hidden “dance machine” of the group. JYP Entertainment explained that the concept of the group is the “strongest seven-member” team, who are all visuals, singers, dancers and rappers.

During their pre-debut days, Jiwoo used to stand out for her smooth yet powerful dance choreographies.

Unfortunately, as the group progresses in the K-pop scene, fans express their regret that Jiwoo seems to lack the shine she used to have.

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