5 K-pop Idols Who Could Pass As Disney Princesses/Princes: IU, BTS Jungkook, More!

With their head-turning visuals that sometimes seem unreal, these five K-pop idols are indeed real-life Disney princes and princesses!

Here Are 5 Idols Who Could Pass As Disney Princesses/Princes:

IU Celebrity

(Photo : Instagram: @dlwlrma)

In the article released by Allure Korea, the fashion magazine referred to IU as the OG “Disney Princess” of K-pop.

With her dense features, she can slay any image or concept depending on her makeup and hairstyle. Due to this, she can also perfectly fit any Disney character out there.

In fact, when she dropped her song, “Celebrity,” IU went viral for her look in her teaser photo that reminded people of Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel and Little Mermaid!

BTS Jungkook BE

(Photo : BTS Facebook)


Among male idols, Jungkook can surely pass as a Disney character with his prince-like visuals. Physically, he has long, black, and wavy hair on top of his fair and clear skin. He also has big eyes that remind fans of what a prince looks like.

Just like a prince, Jungkook also possesses skills and attributes such as being talented in almost everything, and has great strength that matches his competitiveness!

Earlier this year, he indeed became a Disney character after his appearance as a purple-haired character in the animated fantasy TV series “The Owl House.”

BTS Jimin

(Photo : Instagram: @j.m)
BTS Jimin

Not only does Jimin pass as a Disney character, but fans and media actually suggest he becomes a real-life prince!

In context, Noelle Devoe, editor of the famous U.S. magazine Elite Daily, tagged Disney on Twitter and posted that Jimin should be cast as Prince Eric if they will produce the live-action of the classic story, “The Little Mermaid.”

Although it was already announced that Jonah Hauer-King will be starring in the live-action remake of the film, there are still a lot of fans who think this role will suit BTS Jimin the best.

Wonyoung's pictorial, full of fresh and lovely charm

(Photo : Marie Claire Korea)

Jang Wonyoung

Among fourth-gen female idols, Jang Wonyoung was always described as a princess for her colorful features.

She was especially loved for her dreamy makeup and perfect look, not to mention her trademark long, rich, wavy hair which perfectly fits Disney princesses.

What makes her more suitable for a such role is her charming English accent, and not everyone can pull off how she make the language sounds so lovely!

NewJeans Danielle Shocking Pre-Debut Life Revealed

(Photo : Top Star News)
NewJeans Danielle

Her name alone sounds like a Disney princess!

As soon as she debuted as an idol, Danielle became a hot topic for her childhood appearance on TV.

She received praise for her big sparkly eyes with a mysterious feeling, clear features, and a spoonful of pink makeup on top of it that make her exactly look like a princess characters in Disney cartoons.

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