5 K-pop Idols With Low Alcohol Tolerance

When it comes to drinking alcohol, there are just those who can keep on drinking without feeling its side effects. While there are those who start feeling woozy just after one glass. There are plenty of K-pop idols who love to drink when they aren’t on schedule, and despite being light weight, it doesn’t stop them!

With that, here are five K-pop idols who have low alcohol tolerance!

1. BTS J-Hope


(Photo : Instagram: @uarmyhope)
BTS J-Hope

BTS J-Hope is known as the life of the party with his fun and energetic personality. In fact, when he drinks alcohol, he usually shows off his cute and loud personality in the early part of the drinking. But as he gets more drinks in, J-Hope usually ends up silent and sleepy. His low alcohol tolerance makes for some pretty funny J-Hope memes!

2. IU


(Photo : Instagram: @dlwlrma)

“Strawberry Moon” singer IU may be mistaken as someone who can drink a lot, considering she was a brand model for the soju brand Chamisul. However, she has some pretty low tolerance when it comes to alcohol! Although IU’s tolerance level usually depends on her condition, she is usually drunk after having three glasses of soju mixed with beer.

3. Zico


(Photo : Instagram: @woozico0914)

Former Block B member Zico had revealed that once heard about how alcohol can reduce swelling. Interestingly, Zico had some alcohol the night before an important filming schedule. But due to him not being used to drinking and having low tolerance, he ended up arriving late to his schedule.

4. Girls’ Generation Taeyeon


(Photo : Instagram: @taeyeon_ss)
Girls’ Generation Taeyeon

Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon is known to love her alcohol. However, after confessing that she is actually someone with low alcohol tolerance despite her love for drinking it, she became famous among idols for being a lightweight drinker. But it seems that her low tolerance won’t stop her from having fun and drinking with her friends!

5. BTS V


(Photo : Instagram: @thv)

Another BTS member who has low alcohol tolerance is V. In fact, it is widely know among fans that V isn’t a fan of alcohol. Even during events or celebrations, V is usually seen opting to drink juice or carbonated drinks instead. Due to V not drinking alcohol, it is highly likely that he will get easily drunk when he does drink some.

Which other idols do you know has low alcohol tolerance?

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Written by Robyn Joan

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