6 K-Pop Idols Who Attempted To Hit High Notes in the Infamous ‘Tears’ by So Chan Whee

Back in 2000, South Korean singer So Chan Whee dropped her song “Tears.” The song immediately became iconic and infamous in the country for its series of high notes, which is not an easy feat, but So Chan Whee managed to pull off.

Now, 22 years later, the song still remains popular in South Korea and a favorite in karaokes. In fact, the song is so popular that numerous K-Pop idols have even attempted to belt out the high notes of the song.

With that, here are six K-Pop idols who covered “Tears” by So Chan Whee.

1. EXO Chen

Back when EXO made a guest appearance on the Episode 85 of JTBC’s “Knowing Bros,” member Chen surprised the cast when he decided to cover So Chan Whee’s “Tears.”

Being the group’s main vocalist, Chen sang the song in its original key comfortably.

Needless to say, everyone got goosebumps and was left speechless with his incredible cover!

2. Red Velvet Irene and Seulgi

When Red Velvet’s vocalists Irene and Seulgi made a guest appearance on Channel A’s “Singderella” back in 2017, they showed off their talents by doing a joint cover of “Tears” with perfect harmonization.

Along with comedian Lee Soo Geun’s hilarious “backing vocals,” Irene and Seulgi delivered a stunning performance with their one flair.

3. Apink Eunji

Probably one of the most interesting and challenging covers of “Tears” was done by Apink’s very own main vocalist, Eunji.

Eunji, who is known for her incredible vocals, sang the song during a guest appearance on the Episode 459 of “Running Man.” However, she had to sing the song in its original key while lying face down!

Given the circumstances she had to sing the song in, Eunji still managed to hit the high notes perfectly! Talk about talent!

4. BTOB Eunkwang

Eunkwang, who is BTOB’s main vocalist, is also known for his high pitch vocals. So of course he had to attempt the infamous So Chan Whee song!

Eunkwang covered “Tears” several times through the years, in original key no less! Check out his amazing cover of the song from his appearance on “Knowing Bros”!

5. PENTAGON Jinho and Shinwon

Back in 2017, PENTAGON members Jinho and Shinwon made a guest appearance on the February 6 broadcast of KBS Cool FM’s “Kiss The Radio.” During the broadcast, the two covered “Tears,” and it was both hilarious and entertaining for fans!

Many praised Jinho and Shinwon for their great attempt at singing the high notes despite the difficulty.

6. EXID Solji

Being a vocal teacher and the main vocalist of EXID, singing “Tears” is a piece of cake for Solji!

The idol also sang a cover of the song on numerous occasions, and each time ended up being a stunning and goosebump-inducing performance by the singer!

Which is your favorite “Tears” cover?

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Written by Robyn Joan

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