6 K-pop Idols Who Give Off Two Different Vibes Due to Uneven Eyes

Depending on the angle, the charm of these six K-pop idols changed due to their uneven yet attractive eyes!

While asymmetrical eyes are often referred to as complex for some people, these K-pop idols doubled their charms with it!

In particular, the listed below stars have uneven double eyelids that made their eyes look unbalanced. Yet, this rather gives more than twice the charm, due to the different feelings you get when looking at them from different angles.

Here Are 6 Idols With Uneven Eyes, Giving Them Both Innocence and Sexiness:

1. BTS V


(Photo : Facebook: BTS)

Among K-pop idols, V is the most popular representative of stars with asymmetrical eyelids.

Looking at his left side, V has deep double eyelids that give off mysterious, strong, and sexy vibes. Whereas, his right eye with monolid gives off rather gentle and pure feelings to it.

Regardless of his unbalanced eyes, V in both angles will not decrease his status as “Most Handsome Man of 2022”!

2. Red Velvet Joy

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(Photo : Joy Instagram)
Red Velvet Joy

Among female idols, Joy’s captivating uneven eyes are most noticeable during close-up photo shoots.

Looking at her left side, Joy exudes a sexy and mysterious aura with her heavy double eyelids. If you will focus on her right side, she’s more on the pure and innocent image with her less noticeable double eyelids.

But these uneven eyes don’t matter when Joy finally shows her killer eye smile, making her stand out even more on stage.

3. HIGHLIGHT Lee Gikwang

Lee Gikwang

(Photo : Gikwang Instagram)

Lee Gi Kwang is also one of the idols with disproportionate eyes. His right eye has monolid, giving him a strong and sharp charisma.

If you will admire her left side with thick double eyelids, Gikwang will transform into an idol with cute puppy-like visuals.

6. Girls’ Generation’s YoonA

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(Photo : Yoona (News1))

If you will not look closer, you won’t even notice that Girls’ Generation’s YoonA also has an eyelid shaped differently than its pair.

Rather than a “flaw,” this actually became one of her charms, since her uneven eyes help her to showcase both mysterious and pure images at the same time.

Regardless of her uneven eyes as well, YoonA will always be one of the OG top visuals in the K-pop scene! 

5. AB6IX’s Lee Dae Hwi

AB6IX Lee Daehwi

(Photo : Instagram: @ab6ix_official)
Lee Dae Hwi

AB6IX Lee Dae Hwi, who creates a cute puppy-like charm, also has double eyelids in one eye.

Lee Dae-hwi had the impression that the tip of his left eye slightly went up and could look fierce and sexy if you will focus on this side. But if you will stare at his right side, he looks innocent– his unbalance eyes feel like following the concept of how “good” and “dark” visuals coexist.

6. Nine Muses’ Kyungri


(Photo : News1)


Last but not least, Kyungri from Nine Muses has thicker double eyelids in her right eye compared to her left.

Kyungri said her uneven eyes are complex of hers, but fans cite it as one of her most attractive points.

With her less prominent double eyelids, she looks chic like a cat, while her heavy double eyelids help her create her soft side.

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