6 K-pop Songs From ‘Less Famous’ Girl Groups That Would’ve Gone Viral If Released by ‘Big 4’

So many girl group songs go unnoticed by K-pop fans and the general Korean public because it is not promoted enough or lacks the right marketing strategy. 

It is such a repetitive phenomenon where songs from girl groups managed by big agencies get recognition even though it is not as good as songs by girl groups from smaller agencies. 

This is why we listed amazing girl group songs that could have topped the charts if it was released by girl groups from the ‘Big 4’.

Weki Meki “Crush”

Weki Meki’s highest viewed song on their official YouTube channel, “Crush” definitely deserves more recognition because of its addictive tune and happy beats.

WekiMeki 'I Am Me'

(Photo : WekiMeki – Twitter)
Weki Meki “I Am Me”

The song would just make you want to dance and sing with the girls. However, Fantagio Entertainment probably don’t know how to promote their girl group properly because the song did not top charts.

If it was released by YG Entertainment’s girl group, BLACKPINK, it would have probably entered many local and international charts, like most of their songs. It can also go viral on TikTok with its cute choreography that is easy to follow.

Watch its music video here

Nature “Girls”

The rookie girl group has been challenging the K-pop industry with their unconventional releases like their song “Girls”.


(Photo : NATURE Twitter)

The dark theme and concept of the song perfectly matches with it slow beat and the mysterious voices of the members of Nature.

However, the song did not see any light of the day as it was unknown by many K-pop fans. I bet that it would definitely go viral if one of HYBE label girl groups – LE SSERAFIM, releases this same song

Watch the mesmerizing music video of Nature’s “Girls”.

PIXY “Addicted”

This almost year-old song will always be one of the best underrated K-pop songs from a 4th generation girl group.


(Photo : @pixy_official)

From the music video, to the choreography and the song itself, PIXY’s “Addicted” is an overall amazing song with a really well-executed concept. 

If F(x) still exists and they released this song for a comeback or reunion, their fans would go wild and it would top charts left and right.

Watch the thrilling music video of PIXY’s “Addicted”.

Fromis_9 “Love Bomb”

Though Fromis_9 is technically part of the ‘Big 4’ now since they are under Pledis Entertainment that is under HYBE labels, when they released this bop. They were still not that famous.

fromis_9 At NOW

(Photo : Fromis_9 Twitter)
fromis_9 promotes their comeback on NOW.

Their song “Love Bomb” has all the elements for it to really go viral and top the charts but that did not happen. 

If it was Red Velvet who released the song, it might have won multiple awards like ‘Song of the year’. It is that good!

Listen to the song and watch the beautiful ladies of Fromis_9 singing “Love Bomb”.

Dreamcatcher “Odd Eye”

Though famous internationally, Dreamcatcher is very unknown in Korea that it physically hurts sometimes. Their songs with rock elements often get unnoticed by the public since it is not marketed to the right audience.

Dreamcatcher Maison

(Photo : Dreamcatcher – Twitter)
Dreamcatcher releases “Apocalypse: Save Us” part 1 with title track “Maison”.

If JYP Entertainment’s girl group, ITZY, released this song, it would not go unnoticed and would be on MelOn’s top 10.

Watch the amazing choreography video of Dreamcatcher’s “Odd Eye”.

Cherry Bullet “Love So Sweet”

FNC Entertainment once thrived with CN Blue, FT Island and AOA as their groups. Now that the prime of those group have ended, they are struggling to market their new groups.

Cherry Bullet Cherry Rush

(Photo : Facebook: Cherry Bullet)
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One of those groups is Cherry Bullet. Their song “Love So Sweet” would have a chance to rake in trophies and awards if it was promoted better. 

If TWICE released the song, it would have given the girl group their 4th ‘Song of the Year’ award.

Watch the sexy cutie music video of Cherry Bullet’s “Love So Sweet”.

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Written by Jaswin Singh

Credit: KpopStarz

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