7 Legendary Songs That Will Bring Back K-pop Summer Feels in 2010s

Missing the “Summer Queens” in the 2010s? Here are seven legendary K-pop songs that will surely give you “nostalgia” and “summer feels” to quench your thirst!

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This summer season, vacations and outings are some of the activities everyone is undoubtedly looking forward to! And if you’re a K-pop fan, there’s no better way to beat the heat aside from listening to top-tier summer songs that will set your mood!

And who should you call? Of course, the “Summer Queens”!

While TWICE, Oh My Girl, Brave Girls, etc. are the main characters in the late 2020s to date when you hear the word “summer,” these 7 groups and their iconic bops were the summer buddy of fans in the 2010s!

Here Are 7 Legendary Songs That Will Give You 2010s K-pop Summer Feels:

The most iconic to date, the hot season is not complete without the OG “Summer Queens” – SISTAR!

Although they released a lot of iconic songs that can match the heat, “Touch My Body” is perfect if you’re looking for flirty summer fun.

Surely, SNSD’s “Holiday” shouldn’t be forgotten when talking about summer. Their song, “Holiday” gives off bright, messy pop yet bubbly sound that will definitely make you listen to it over and over again.

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In the summer of 2011, 2NE1’s “I Am The Best” was released which immediately topped numerous K-pop charts. It’s undoubtedly one of the most legendary songs on this list.

Well, who doesn’t even know its iconic lyrics, “Naega jeil jal naga”?

Summer is not summer without Red Velvet! Among their hit songs, “Red Flavor” is an electro-pop track that depicts the plea to experience a breezy teen romance.

Just watching its vibrant MV will make you crave the sea and summer fruits!

In 2011, Hyuna truly made the music scene into a frenzy when she dropped her track “Bubble Pop,” which created a dance craze not only in Korea but globally.

The “Queen” particularly drew attention for its sexy yet fun and light choreography that everyone can dance to!

Known for being an experimental group, f(x) is known for its unconventional songs.

Among their iconic songs, “Hot Summer” is loved the most for its refreshing sound as well as strong and catchy lyrics.

Orange Caramel’s “Catallena” is definitely on the list, too! The song’s Bollywood-inspired beat and Pakistani folk samples added to its bizarre sound, but the MV, the singers dressing up as sea creatures and sushi truly make it more memorable.

Also, the “Hah!” introduction of the song will always be iconic!

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