7 Pairs of K-pop Idols Who Have the Same Stage Names

An important aspect about K-pop idols are their stage names, which becomes their identity for their entire career in the industry, unless they choose to change it. With the hundreds of idols who make their debut and are active in the industry, it isn’t uncommon for some of them to bear the same stage names, especially if their names are in Korean.

With that, here are several pairs of K-pop idols who have the same stage names!

1. SF9 Dawon and WJSN Dawon

SF9 Dawon, WJSN Dawon

(Photo : Instagram: @dwww_w_ / Instagram: @ naneun_dawon)
SF9 Dawon (left) and WJSN Dawon (right)

SF9 member Dawon is the group’s sub vocalist, with his real name being Lee Sanghyuk. As for the WJSN member, who is the group’s main vocalist, she decided to stick to promoting with her birth name, which is Nam Dawon.

2. TXT Soobin and WJSN Soobin

TXT Soobin, WJSN Soobin

(Photo : Twitter: @TXT_members / Instagram: @soobly_s2)
TXT Soobin (left) and WJSN Soobin (right)

For TXT, all of the members use their real names, which is why the group’s leader Soobin promotes as such. This is also the same case of WJSN’s main vocalist Soobin. The only difference is their last names, which are Choi and Park, respectively.

3. BTS Jimin and Shin Jimin

BTS Jimin, Shin Jimin

(Photo : Weverse: BTS / Instagram: @jiminbaby_18)
BTS Jimin (left) and former AOA Shin Jimin (right)

Jimin is a pretty common name, hence why several idols in the industry bear the same name. The same case as the previous pair, BTS’ main dancer and lead vocalist Jimin was born Park Jimin, while former AOA leader and rapper Jimin was born Shin Jimin.

4. Billlie Moon SuA and Dreamcatcher SuA

Billlie Moon SuA, Dreamcatcher SuA

(Photo : Facebook: Billlie / Instagram: @sualelbora)
Billlie Moon SuA (left) and Dreamcatcher SuA (right)

Rookie idol and Billie member Moon SuA promotes with her full birth name, just like her brother ASTRO Moon Bin. While Dreamcatcher’s main dancer and lead vocalist SuA was born Kim Bora.



(Photo : Instagram: @_dong_ii / Instagram: @dk_is_dokyeom)
iKON DK (left) and SEVENTEEN DK (right)

Unlike the previously mentioned idols on the list, iKON member DK and SEVENTEEN member DK’s stage names are both acronyms. For the iKON member, he was born Kim Donghyuk, and used the first and last letter of his first name. While SEVENTEEN DK’s birth name is Lee Seokmin, with his name being an acronym for his full stage name, Dokyeom.

6. BTS Jin and Lovelyz Jin

BTS Jin, Lovelyz Jin

(Photo : Instagram: @jin / Instagram: @myungnee_)
BTS Jin (left) and Lovelyz Jin (right)

BTS’ eldest member and reisdent Worldwide Handsome Jin, uses a shortened version of his full name Kim Seokjin for his promotions. While Lovelyz member Jin, who was born Park Myungeun and later Park Jiwoo, uses it as a stage name.

7. SEVENTEEN Jun and A.C.E Jun


(Photo : Instagram: @junhui_moon / Twitter: @official_ACE7)
SEVENTEEN Jun (left) and A.C.E Jun (right)

SEVENTEEN’s lead dancer and sub vocalist Jun was born Wen Junhui, with his stage name coming from his first name. As for A.C.E’s leader Jun, he was born as Park Junhee, also taking his stage name from his first name.

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