A series of beautiful idols like computer graphics: Karina (aespa) and V (BTS) are free of charge, a JYP Gen 4 representative also appeared!

The appearance of Kpop idols is like a forest of colorful flowers. There are idols who are famous for their cute and bright visuals, and others who attract fans because of their glamorous and luxurious looks. Recently, another term to describe beauty is gradually appearing and popular – called “Beautiful Idol like CG (computer graphics)”. These artists will have a face so perfect that it looks like it was created from special effects.

1. Karina (aespa)

aespa is a group that SM oriented towards the concept of AI (artificial intelligence). Especially for Karina, her beauty proves that the company’s choice is right.

Possessing large round eyes and sharp facial features, Karina quickly became famous for her series of bewilderingly beautiful moments. A series of newspapers and netizens have named her as the next generation of goddesses of “SM flower garden”, the words “winged” are always used next to the name Karina like “idol with unreal beauty”, “more beautiful than AI”…

2. Cha Eunwoo (ASTRO)

Referring to the unreal visual, it is impossible not to remember the “beautiful man more beautiful than flowers” Cha Eunwoo. Right from the first days of debut, the idol of group ASTRO has been impressed by his face without dead corners. Every line on Cha Eunwoo’s face is favored by nature. Whenever looking at Cha Eunwoo, fans always have to admire and be surprised.

3. Taeyong (NCT)

Taeyong is known as an idol whose beauty looks like he came out of a comic book. His sharp jawline and ravishingly high nose bridge are the highlights of his face. Taeyong always attracts all eyes because of his visual and star charisma.

4. Taehyun (TXT)

Possessing a sharp beauty with sculptural lines, Taehyun is one of the male idols who represent the new generation of Kpop visuals. Taehyun’s beauty is more masculine and the most special feature is his sunny smile. Netizens always recognize Taehyun as Gen 4’s handsome face idol.

5. V (BTS)

It is not surprising that this list has the name of guy V (BTS). V was voted the most handsome face in the world in 2018 and continues to reach the top 3 in 2021. The male god with beauty like BTS’s computer graphics owns a perfect face like a statue, sharp lines. cold with outstanding spirit. There’s no doubt that netizens chose V as one of the idols with AI-like visuals.

6. Nagyung (Fromis_9)

Nagyung is noticed by her sweet and lovely beauty. The female idol has a small face, big round eyes and high nose bridge. That’s why she was chosen to play the role of “photoshop face” for the movie Shadow Beauty . This beauty is really like created from skill!


Since her debut until now, Lisa has always been called the “living doll” of Kpop thanks to her beautiful visual. Radiant beauty and attractive body are the reasons why Lisa is always “remembering” with fans . Indeed, this is the level of AI appearance.

8. Sullyoon (NMIXX)

Just debuted at the beginning of this year, but Sullyoon has made a strong impression on Kpop fans who doubted her visual like a little elf. She possesses a pure and sweet beauty that is standard in Korean style thanks to her big round eyes, delicate high nose and pretty mouth. Sullyoon has been favored by netizens with the name “first visual Gen 4”. Her face really knows how to make fans flutter.

Source: koreaboo – Photo: Twitter

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