According to Korean netizens, these are the members with the most anti-fans in every Kpop idol group

these are the members with the most anti-fans in every Kpop idol group

Besides their fans and supporters, K-pop stars always have to deal with several anti-fans who are always looking for ways to attack them anytime, anywhere. Most celebrities have suffered from extreme actions from anti. But in every group, there will be a few members who are hated even more for some reason.

these are the members with the most anti-fans in every Kpop idol group 1

A user once posted an article titled “The most anti-members in the group on the Korean Pann forum.” Although this is just this individual’s opinion, it has also attracted many netizens on Pann, especially when it is a sensitive topic.

In the beginning, the post: “These are the members that are hated by anti so much that you can’t help but feel sorry for them. I’ve seen them in the enter-talk section as well as many other sites. Actually, all the idols get attacked, but I think these are the ones who have been “stoned” the most compared to the other group members.”

The list of the members with the most anti-fans in each idol group is listed by this Pann user as follows:

Super Junior: Lee Teuk

SNSD: Taeyeon

2NE1: CL

EXO: Baekhyun

BTS: Jungkook

TWICE: Nayeon

Red Velvet: Joy

Wanna One: Kang Daniel

Black Pink: Jennie

BTOB: Lee Changsub

Highlight: Yoseob

WINNER: Song Mino

G-Friend: SinB

NCT: Taeyong


Oh My Girl: YooA

Below this article, there is quite a bit of controversy surrounding the comments of the OP. Some netizens believe that posting like this is like an anti-fan. Besides, there are also opinions that the most hated person from Red Velvet and BTS is not Joy and Jungkook, but Yeri and RM.

  • “Isn’t what you’re doing is the same as anti-fan ㅋ You’d better delete this post ^ & ^.”
  • “Why do you write an article like this? It only makes the image of groups worse.”
  • “Isn’t it Yeri? She’s always attacked for no good reason.”
  • “Most anti-fan = Most popular members”
  • “Joy? Jungkook? Crazy, it must be RM and Yeri, right ㅋ.”
  • “The VIPs must be pissed off the comments that say criminals should be eliminated ㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ.”

What do you think of this list?

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