aespa NingNing Garners Attention For THESE Actions After Attitude Controversy

Following her attitude controversy in Paris Fashion Week, aespa NingNing once again drew attention for her actions. What happened this time?  

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aespa NingNing Goes Viral For Attitude At the Airport – What Did She Do?

On October 18, aespa arrived in Korea after completing their schedules in the US.

In particular, the quartet joined the artist lineup for the “KAMP LA 2022” concert in Los Angeles, held from Oct. 15th to 16th. aespa performed on the second day of the K-pop music festival.

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(Photo : NingNing (Instagram))

As aespa departed for Korea, a lot of fans (Mys) and the media waited for them to take photos and even bid their goodbyes. Some also gave them handwritten letters as well as gifts.

Check our the footage of their arrival here. (watch from 1:43:54)

Due to the tight security, fans weren’t able to reach their favorite members, but NingNing’s gesture surprised everyone.

While receiving letters, she also took letters addressed to her co-members as much as she could.

It was noticeable that the female would also look at the fans and wave, gaining praise for her kind and friendly atmosphere.

aespa NingNing Rebuilding Her Image? People Convinced It Was Due To Her Attitude Controversy

After the clip of her kindness circulated o social media platforms, people began to have divided reactions. Some argued it’s NingNing’s nature to be kind, but others claimed she was doing it to rebuild her image, which was partly ruined after her attitude controversy. 

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(Photo : aespa NingNing (Instagram))

Earlier, NingNing was criticized after the idol allegedly gave them a cold shoulder at the Paris Fashion Week.

During the show, aespa was invited by Givenchy. On their way back to the hotel, NingNing was said to have covered her ears in front of fans shouting. She went back straight to their car, appearing annoyed.

Due to this, people were disappointed and felt like NingNing was being disrespectful to fans who have waited for her.

At the time, Mys guessed that NingNing might have been frustrated because she almost didn’t make it to Paris due to problems with her Visa. Fans defended that she was also tired due to the schedules that they had, starting music festivals in Korea, schedules in the U.S. and more.

However, later on, it was clarified that NingNing was actually fixing her Airpods, that was why it appeared like she was covering her ears.

aespa NingNing Garners Attention For THESE Actions After Attitude Controversy

(Photo : NingNing (Dispatch))

In fact, fans from the U.S. also had nothing to say about NingNing’s attitude aside from complimenting how kindhearted she was to them. During their schedules in LA, the “Girls” singer was rather friendly, always smiling and would even greet fans.

Amid busy schedules, she also took her time to support their senior group NCT’s concert.

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