aespa ‘Sexually Harassed’ in Boys’ School? Here’s What Really Happened

aespa members, who were supposed to perform in celebration of a happy event, unfortunately, suffered from alleged sexual harassment in an all-boys high school.

On May 2, SM Entertainment’s girl group aespa comprised of Karina, Giselle, Winter, and NingNing went to a high school festival in Seoul and suffered a disaster.

aespa Sexual Harassment Controversy: Here’s What Happened to Members

(Photo : aespa (News1))

In particular, the quartet attended an event in Kyungbock High School, an all-boys high school to celebrate its 101st anniversary.

It’s not a surprise to some fans, since prior to aespa, other SM artists such as SNSD, Red Velvet, NCT, etc., also went to the same school to attend its annual festival before. It is believed that the school was “special” since it’s Lee Soo Man’s alma mater, the founder and executive producer of SM Entertainment.

But on the day of their arrival, the members were immediately surrounded by male students, leading them to have difficulties reaching the main venue. In the process, the male students started “shoving” their cameras to aespa to take photos and videos with them.

aespa 'Sexually Harassed' in Boys' School? Here's What Really Happened

(Photo : aespa (News1))

K-pop enthusiasts, especially MYs (aespa fandom) pointed out the “lack of security” in the venue, based on the photos and videos. Only the quartet’s managers were seen controlling the scene.

This was only the start of the disaster. During aespa’s performance, some male students forcibly went up the stage and took selfies with the four female idols without their genuine consent.

As criticism arises, an SNS user, believed to be a student of the school, made sexual harassment remarks toward aespa.

aespa 'Sexually Harassed' in Boys' School? Here's What Really Happened

(Photo : aespa (News1))

On Instagram, student A posted a photo of aespa with the caption:

“I did everything but touching.”

Another post says, “xxx”

After seeing this, aespa fans and netizens were angry at the students of Kyungbock High School and left comments such as:

“It’s rude.”

“I feel sorry for the members.”

“Was there no bodyguard?”

“The school should apologize.”

All-Boys High School Releases Apology Statement, Anger Fans More

aespa 'Sexually Harassed' in Boys' School? Here's What Really Happened

(Photo : aespa (News1))

As the controversy grew, Kyungbock High School eventually posted an apology on its website.

“Today, the 101st anniversary of the school was held under the auspices of the Kyungbock Dongchang Association. aespa was invited to the ceremony to perform. However, after the event, there are media reports that unintentionally damage aespa’s reputation, so we apologize.”

aespa 'Sexually Harassed' in Boys' School? Here's What Really Happened

(Photo : aespa (News1))

But the apology didn’t cool down the rage of K-pop fans after the school claimed that the author of the sexual harassment post posted online did not seem to be a student of the school.

“As a result of conducting an in-school survey of students, there was a fact that several outsiders, not Kyungbock students, visited the venue but we did not allow them to enter due to safety reasons. It can be inferred that some articles have posted malicious comments that are never true.”

aespa 'Sexually Harassed' in Boys' School? Here's What Really Happened

(Photo : aespa (News1))

Internet users were baffled that the school was putting the blame on “outsiders,” allegedly taking the side of the students and didn’t even sincerely apologize to aespa.

Afterward, Kyungbock High School revised the apology and added:

“We will try to prevent recurrence by implementing gender sensitivity education.”

However, the whole statement was later on taken down from their official website.

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