aespa Upsets Students After Doing THIS at University Festival

Despite successful performance at the Korea University Festival, some students were disappointed after aespa did THIS.

Students Complained About aespa’s Lip-Syncing at Korea University Festival

aespa Upsets Students After Doing THIS at University Festival

(Photo : aespa (News1))

On online communities and social media platforms, some students complained about aespa who lip-synced during their appearance at the Korea University Festival.

In particular, On May 27, there are several written articles from students at the university’s forum pointing out the stage of aespa, saying:

“Lip-syncing at a university festival doesn’t look very good. I don’t feel that much excitement.”

Another student said:

“Member Winter was doing ad-libs while lip-syncing and people were cheering. I know Winter is good at singing, but it was like a black comedy.”

The upset students who attended the event expressed antipathy that the quartet gave a lip-sync stage despite the expensive casting fee. Earlier, it was revealed that each artist attending a university festival was at least paid about 20 million won (16k USD) for a 40-minute performance.

The students commented:

“How can you lip-sync with that money?”

“I really like aespa, but I think it’s too much not to do live.”

“I don’t know if it’s right to cheer for the lip sync.”

“They said they couldn’t do it (perform live) during Coachella, and it was okay. But I think it would have been better to do this much live. I think the (Korea University) festival should definitely be a live performance.”

aespa Upsets Students After Doing THIS at University Festival

(Photo : aespa (News1))

What frustrates fans the most is that aespa is not any less than top-tier singers despite being rookies. SM Entertainment artists are actually known for their incredible vocals and live performances and the four-member group is among them. Thus, the students can’t understand why they had to lip-sync.

On the other hand, the “2022 Korea University Seoktap Daedongje” was held at Korea University Democratic Plaza in Seongbuk-gu, Seoul. AKMU and aespa attended the festival. The latter then performed a number of their hits, including “Black Mamba,” “Savage,” “Dreams Come True” and “Next Level.”

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aespa Selected for ’30 Under 30 Asia List for 2022′ by Forbes

aespa Upsets Students After Doing THIS at University Festival

(Photo : aespa (News1))

Amid dissatisfaction following the performance at the aforementioned festival, aespa continues to rise as “monster rookies” being the only K-pop act in Forbes‘, “30 Under 30 Asia List” in 2022.

This list acknowledged leaders under the age of 30 in 10 fields such as art, marketing, technology, finance, distribution, and healthcare in 22 countries in the Asia-Pacific region every year, and aespa is listed in the entertainment and sports category.

aespa Upsets Students After Doing THIS at University Festival

(Photo : aespa (News1))

The U.S. magazine praised the quartet’s achievements such as making consecutive hits, having millions of YouTube views, bagging multiple rookie awards, and commended them for being trend leaders as Givenchy’s brand ambassadors.

This is not the first time aespa was recognized by a large magazine. Earlier, they were also selected as the first K-pop girl group in the U.S. Time magazine’s “Next Generation Leaders” (2022 Next Generation Leaders), proving its hot topic and popularity.

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