aespa Worries MYs For Multiple Collabs & Lesser Comebacks

aespa’s fandom MYs conveyed their concerns regarding the group’s lack of releases. With SM Super-group GOT The Beat’s 1st mini album nearby, fans are worried for the “Black Mamba” hitmakers.

Here’s what people are saying.

aespa Worries MYs For More Collab Releases Than Group Comebacks

On December 28, MYs took the concerns to Twitter, where they stated their worries. Netizens called out the upcoming release of SM Entertainment’s super-group GOT The Beat.

The project girl group ensemble will be having their first comeback on January 16, 2023. Though fans are excited for the news, some were concerned about aespa’s lack of releases.

MYs emphasized that SM Entertainment should prioritize aespa’s comebacks, instead of deploying them to numerous collabs with other artists.

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Check out their tweets below!

 In the sub-unit GOT The Beat, aespa Karina and Winter are one of the members, giving the super-group strong assets in terms of vocals.

With the sub-unit’s comeback incoming, fans couldn’t help but notice the conflict between GOT The Beat’s release and aespa’s future content preparation.

“This is just sad at this point”

“I seriously have no words.”

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Furthermore, they added how SM should look out for aespa more carefully, since they’re one of the monster rookie girl groups in 4th gen.

“I think they should prioritize aespa’s comeback, promotion, and the tour. After that they can have that collaboration. aespa need that to strengthen their fan base. MY literally is fighting with each other and some lose their interest @SMTOWNGLOBAL”

“True. Actually I’m losing interest in them. I really enjoy some of their music, but I did not like “Girls”. I don’t know what SM is thinking but please, put some catchy and good songs.”

“Also produce a nice music video too. I was disappointed with “Girls” MV, I think the MV was so simple for strong song like that. SM wake up!”


aespa Ningning Reveals The Group Was Supposed To Release Another Comeback In 2022

On September 1, aespa Ningning hosted a fan call event online, using the Chinese platform Yizhiyu. A fan asked Ningning if she would be making a comeback this year.

Aespa Winter, refreshing visuals that cut through the cold wind

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The idol replied that although another aespa comeback was planned for this year, it was moved next year.

“There was a plan for this year, but the company’s plan has changed and we won’t see you until next year.”

What activities do you think aespa will have in the future? What’s your reaction towards their comeback postponement? Let us know in the comments below!

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