BABY MONSTER Profile: YG New Girl Group Members, Age, Fun Facts, More Details!

YG Entertainment’s new girl group BABY MONSTER finally took off the veil ahead of their debut!

Based on the teaser clip, here are the supposed 7 members and what we know about them!

YG Entertainment Introduces BABY MONSTER

On January 1, 2023, YG Entertainment, the agency which created K-pop icons 2NE1 and BLACKPINK, officially announced the birth of a new girl through a teaser video.

On this day, a clip titled “YG NEXT MOVEMENT” was uploaded on its YouTube channel, introducing the seven-member soon-to-debut group BABY MONSTER.

BABY MONSTER Profile: YG New Girl Group Members, Age, Fun Facts, More Details!

(Photo : News1)
BABY MONSTER Profile: YG New Girl Group Members, Age, Fun Facts, More Details!

In the released video, the members’ faces were finally shown, initially described as “multiple BLACKPINK Jennie in their mid-teens.” YG’s Executive Producer Yang Hyun Suk, who appeared in front of the public for the first time in three and a half years, as well as senior artists BLACKPINK Jennie & Lisa, WINNER, and AKMU, showed their evaluations of the rookie.

The artists went on by praising their extraordinary skills and appearance despite their young ages, Jennie and Lisa, saying:

  • “I think they’re doing well overall” (Jennie)
  • “The combination of the seven looks very good.” (Lisa)

BABY MONSTER Profile: YG New Girl Group Members, Age, Fun Facts, More Details!

(Photo : Lisa (Harper’s Bazaar))

BABY MONSTER Profile: YG New Girl Group Members, Age, Fun Facts, More Details!

(Photo : Jennie (Harper’s Bazaar))

An official from YG Entertainment said:

“BABY MONSTER is still a trainee (group) before their debut, so we planned this program with the aim of showing (members) skills and talents to the public without filtering and receiving a cold preliminary evaluation. We will present the results of our hard preparation and filming over the past year.”

BABY MONSTER Profile:Members’ Names, Ages, Facts, More!

[Disclaimer: profiles were created from collective data, information and details released by global K-pop fandoms. YG Entertainment is yet to release official profiles.]

Born in 2004, Rora is a South Korean and one of the prospective members of BABY MONSTER.

Pharita Chaikong, also known as Prita, is a 05-born idol trainee who established herself in the entertainment industry as a Thai child model. At a young age, she already won a grand prize & first place at Inter Model Thailand.

Along with BLACKPINK Lisa and BABY MONSTER Chikita, Prita is one of the three idols from Thailand that YG will launch.

Sakamoto Asa is a Japanese member that will also debut in YG Entertainment’s new girl group. Prior to her official launch, K-pop enthusiasts claimed she was a dancer.

Just like Prita, Haram, a Korean-born trainee is also a child model, known for her vocals and dance skills.

Born in 2007, Ahyeon drew massive attention for her visuals similar to BLACKPINK Jennie and LE SSERAFIM Hyunjin.

She was a musical singer and former JYP trainee before transferring to YG to train for four years. She attended Hanlim Multi Arts School and studied at Ara Dance Academy.

Born in 2008, Dain is an ex-U.SSO girl along with NewJeans Hyein. She was active as a first-gen member from 2017 to 2018.

Maknae of the group, a 2009-born idol trainee will follow in the footsteps of BLACKPINK Lisa as the next Thai from YG to conquer the K-pop scene.

Her face is familiar to some music fans supporting Copper Dechawat from The Star Idol, as she was the younger sister of the musician and actor. She was also a member of a cover group, Red Rose.

Detailed profiles such as the full names, birthdays, and nationalities of the members will be unveiled by YG sequentially through continuous promotions in the following days.

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