Be Awaiting For These Comeback Performances Of K-pop Idols/group In April 2021

Awaited comeback performances of K-pop in April 2021

Can you believe that we’re getting close to the end of March already? With less than a couple of weeks left of the month, April is fast approaching, and that means new K-Pop comebacks to look forward to in April

April 5: ASTRO returns

On April 5, the boys ASTRO will release their second full album titled All Yours. All schedules have been announced by the management company to fans.

April 7: “Twice’s little sister” releases a new single, Kim Jaehwan returns

NiziU – the Japanese girl group under JYP Entertainment – will bring to fans the brand new song Take A Picture / Poppin ‘Shakin.

On the same day, male singer Kim Jaehwan will release his third mini-album, which is the first release since he released his second mini-album titled Moment more than a year ago in December 2019.

April 13: “National Center” Kang Daniel

Despite only having Paranoia debuted earlier this year, Kang Daniel is planning to release a new product to the public, although exact details have yet to be announced. The secret will be revealed on April 13.

April 19: The girl group Apink returns

Apink announced that it will release a single to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the girls’ debut

April 21: Seventeen releases an album for the Japanese market

The popular group Seventeen will release the 3rd Japanese single in their career called Hitorijanai (roughly translated as I’m not lonely). According to Pledis Entertainment, the song is about “youth, courage, and determination of the boys at a turning point in their life”, as well as a message of hope for a future where Seventeen can meet fans again. tomb.

Besides, there are still artists who have announced their comeback in April but still have no specific schedule.

Rookie girl group STAYC plans to return on stage with an album in mid-April.

One of the most anticipated solo performances today belongs to Wendy Red Velvet. Her agency announced that after 7 years of operation and rest due to injury, Wendy will officially release her first solo album in April. However, the specific schedule has yet to be decided.

NU’EST is also expected to release a new album in April, which will be the group’s first full album after 7 years of releasing RE: BIRTH in 2014!

And finally, former Wanna One leader Yoon Jisung is also planning to release a new album in April, which will be his first album since the end of his enlistment last December.

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