BIBI Goes Viral for Giving Fan a Lap Dance On Stage

BIBI is going viral on social media after a video of her giving a fan a lap dance makes waves online.

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BIBI Giving Fan a Lap Dance On Stage During Performance Goes Viral

Recently on May 24, solo artist BIBI performed at Korea University’s annual music festival, the “2022 KUrescendo Festival.” On this day, BIBI excited the fans by performing several of her songs, as well as interact with the audience.

In particular, for her encore performance, BIBI decided to perform her new song “Best Lover.” For this final performance at the festival, the rising star invited a lucky fan up on stage with her.


(Photo : Instagram: @nakedbibi)

She said, “I don’t want to go! I will sing one more song before I leave. It is a new one, so you might not know it. Is that alright? Okay, I will need a volunteer.”

After looking through the audience, BIBI finally chose a fan and brought him up on stage. As the lucky fan got on stage, BIBI got to know him a bit more, and found out that he is a business management major born in 2002.

BIBI Goes Viral for Giving Fan a Lap Dance On Stage

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BIBI giving fan a lap dance

Finally beginning her performance, BIBI excited fans even more when she began giving the fan, who was sitting down, a lap dance as she performs her new song “Best Lover.”

During her performance, BIBI gave the ultimate fan service as she flirted wit the fan by holding his hand, sitting on his lap, playing with his hair, and even “took” his glasses.

BIBI Goes Viral for Giving Fan a Lap Dance On Stage

(Photo : Tiktok:
BIBI giving fan a lap dance

The fan was, understandably, shy as BIBI danced around him. BIBI even took his hand and placed it on herself as she danced, making the crowd go even more wild at the sight.

To top it off, BIBI ended her performance with a kiss on his cheek – and the fan couldn’t help but blush!

Fans Express ‘Jealousy’ at BIBI’s Lap Dance

Following her performance at the music festival, BIBI immediately went viral on social media, and numerous fans couldn’t help but scream at what just happened.

Over on Tiktok and Twitter, several fans expressed their jealously at the lucky fan who got up close and personal with BIBI. While others joked that this was a “Y/N (your name) moment,” which is when the someone is interacting or develops a relationship with one’s bias, typically popular in fan fictions.

BiBi ‘Best Lover’ 🎤💋 #비비 #BiBi #88rising #fancam #fyp

♬ Best Lover – 88rising & BIBI

In fact, a Tiktok video of her performance was viewed more than two million times, with over 340,200 likes.

This isn’t the first time BIBI served some real fan service. Back during 88rising’s Head In The Clouds Festival in 2021, BIBI even went to kiss a fangirl!

Needless to say, BIBI is currently the queen of fan service, and the fan will surely remember that performance!

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