BLACKPINK Jennie Draws Mixed Reactions For Past Remark– Here’s Why

BLACKPINK Jennie’s past remark drew divided opinions from internet users after the quartet’s clip from two years ago resurfaced.

BLACKPINK Jennie’s ‘Extreme’ Remark When Asked About Vacation Plan Resurfaces

On September 30, BLACKPINK Jennie became a hot topic in a Korean online community after a post titled, “What Jennie wants to do when she gets a vacation” was uploaded.

The screenshots of her answer were taken from the Korean media outlet OSEN’s interview with BLACKPINK in 2020, where the quartet honestly answered some questions under the segment, “TMI” (Too Much Information).

Amid the interview, the media outlet asked the four members:

“What would you like to do if you were given a week off?”

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(Photo : Jennie (Instagram))

The members then answered the places they want to visit but the reply that stood out among them was Jennie’s.

The “SOLO” singer spoke her mind frankly without hesitation. It was an unexpected and rather extreme remark and spoke quite differently from other BLACKPINK members who mentioned travel.

Jenny said firmly:

“Throw my phone into the sea, get rid of it, and then dive… Disappearing… So that no one can find me.”

BLACKPINK Jennie’s Past Remark Draws Mixed Reactions


(Photo : Instagram: @jennierubyjane)

As soon as the post was uploaded, it received attention from thousands of “Inventory” users and raised discussion among netizens.

Fans who saw the clip say they feel sorry for her and worry about Jennie, who expressed her honest thoughts.

  • “It’s similar now, but it started probably earlier. There’s been a lot of bullying that she suffered.”
  • “You must be getting a lot of stress…”
  • “Are there a lot of malicious comments (on your phone?
  • “Is criticism the same as hate? Destiny? She gets all kinds of malicious comments for no reason. Do you think this makes sense? You’re talking nonsense (referring to haters)”

Currently, Jennie has recently been embroiled in a romantic relationship with BTS V, where she suffered from hacking and invasion of privacy as well as hate comments. However even prior to this rumor, Jennie since her debut is one of the most criticized idols, from being accused of being a lazy dancer, her family background, favoritism treatment from YG Entertainment, and more.

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(Photo : Jennie Instagram)

On the flip side, some netizens raised their brows regarding Jennie’s remark, pointing out that what she’s suffering right now is the price she has to pay in exchange for popularity.

Some of the comments says:

  • “Then who pushed you to be a celebrity? If you don’t like it, you can quit and live with the money you earned. The public’s interest spends their money, but you want to make money and you don’t like the public’s interest? Thank you for the class where you can’t give evidence logically but say a word of abuse.”
  • “You are the destiny of a celebrity who is the product itself. You make a lot of money in return, but it’s hard to manage your mind.”
  • “Of course, celebrities give up their private lives. It’s a job where you make money by selling your face and talent.”

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