BLACKPINK Jennie Gets Teary-Eyed After Listening To a BLINK’s Words– Here’s Why

BLACKPINK Jennie, who was embroiled in a dating rumor with BTS V following ‘leaked’ photos as well as hacking issues can’t help but feel emotional after listening to a BLINK’s message for her at a fan sign event.

Here’s Reason BLACKPINK Jennie Get’s Teary-Eyed After Encounter With a BLINK

BLACKPINK Jennie Gets Teary-Eyed After Listening To a BLINK's Words– Here's Why

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On Twitter, a video of BLACKPINK Jennie holding her tears back at a fan signing event held on September 25 was uploaded by a fan.

In particular, Jennie was seen smiling and listening intently to a BLINK (fandom of BLACKPINK) when she suddenly pouted and was about to shed tears after hearing the words from the fan.

It was noticeable that she was trying to hold back her tears by applauding her fan and at the end, she smiled brightly, mouthed “thank you” and swept her hair back.

BLACKPINK Jennie Gets Teary-Eyed After Listening To a BLINK's Words– Here's Why

(Photo : Jennie (News1))

The OP (original poster) then shared the summary of their conversation and tweeted:

“(I told her) that we will always cheer Jennie no matter what she does, to always look ahead and just be ‘Jennie.’

Jennie said it was cool before she got emotional and said, ‘Don’t make me cry.’

From this point, I couldn’t say anything. I just kept saying fighting Jennie… Jennie Kim, always be happy!”

BLACKPINK Jennie Gets Teary-Eyed After Listening To a BLINK's Words– Here's Why

(Photo : Jennie (News1))

Following this video, BLINKs, particularly Jensetters (fans of Jennie) felt grateful to the fan who told the female idol the words that all of them want to convey to her.

Fans are especially pouring greater love and support for the “Shut Down” singer amid the idol’s suffering from dating rumors with BTS V, “leaked” photos and hacking issues.

BLACKPINK Jennie Receives Praises For Professionalism During Fan Signing Event

BLACKPINK Jennie Gets Teary-Eyed After Listening To a BLINK's Words– Here's Why

(Photo : Jennie (News1))

Despite the difficult situation and suffering from various scandals, Jennie earned praises from K-pop enthusiasts for her strong sense of professionalism during the event.

In particular, BLACKPINK attended a fan signing event to commemorate the release of their second full-length album “BORN PINK” held at the IFC Mall in Yeouido, Seoul, on the afternoon of the 25th, where they communicated with Korean fans for the first time in a long time.

BLACKPINK Jennie Gets Teary-Eyed After Listening To a BLINK's Words– Here's Why

(Photo : Jennie (News1))

During the event, the members captured the attention of attendees by flaunting their individual and unique charms. Among them, the “SOLO” singer stood out for constantly showing her aegyo and doing a lot of fan service.

Although she’s facing multiple rumors, it didn’t stop Jennie to showcase her beautiful heart, evident by how she sincerely focused and listened to every fan giving her messages and stories.

BLACKPINK 'BORN PINK' tops the UK Official Chart... First K-pop girl group

(Photo : Blackpink Twitter)

On the other hand, BLACKPINK, the group to which Jennie belongs wrote a new history for girl groups on September 26. According to reports, The quartet topped the “Billboard 200” main chart as a female group worldwide for the first time since 2008.

This is based on a preview article released by Billboard on the 25th, where BLACKPINK’s second full-length album “BORN PINK” will enter the top of the “Billboard 200” chart on October 1. This is the first record for a K-pop female artist and the first time in 14 years and five months since Danity Kane in 2008 among girl groups around the world.


(Photo : Twitter: @kpop_sbs)
BLACKPINK Scores Historic Feat as ‘BORN PINK’ Debuts on Billboard 200

To commemorate this monumental record, BLACKPINK said through its agency YG Entertainment:

“It’s a moment of honor made by BLINK (fandom name). Thank you so much and we love you. We are happy that the album, which contains the efforts of many staff members who put their heads together with us, seems to have reached many people properly.

“While working on BORN PINK, we wanted to play BLACKPINK’s music that has evolved as well as team identity. We will do our best to show you good performances in the future.”

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