BLACKPINK’s Concept Reportedly Plagiarized by Vietnamese Girl Group

A Vietnamese girl group is gaining attention for reportedly plagiarizing BLACKPINK’s concept.

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Vietnamese Girl Group Slammed for Reportedly Plagiarizing BLACKPINK’s Concept

Recently, a Vietnamese girl group called DREAMeR has caught the attention of BLACKPINK fans, BLINKs, but for all the wrong reasons.

In particular, DREAMeR’s agency DREAMeR Entertainment recently shared the schedule leading up to DREAMeR’s comeback, which will also introduce their fourth member Bao Uyen.

While nothing seems wrong with having a comeback schedule, what drew attention was how the schedule’s design looked extremely similar to BLACKPINK’s schedule for their upcoming BORN PINK World Tour.

BLACKPINK's Concept Reportedly Plagiarized by Vietnamese Girl Group

(Photo : Facebook: BLACKPINK / DREAMeR Entertainment)
BLACKPINK’s ‘BORN PINK World Tour’ schedule (left) and DREAMeR’s comeback schedule (right)

The black background and pink font, combined with the lightning bolts placed at the top closely resembled that of BLACKPINK’s promotional posters for their “BORN PINK” comeback as well. Although BLACKPINK used a plain black background, and has fangs instead of lighting bolts.

However, the reported plagiarism doesn’t end there. BLINKs have expressed more anger when they found out that even DREAMeR’s individual teaser photos for their members has too many similarities with BLACKPINK’s.

In particular, fans found that DREAMeR member Bao Uyen wore a pink long-sleeved top, had long, straight hair that is styled in a half updo using a chopstick ornament, and had sharp nails in her teaser photo.

BLACKPINK's Concept Reportedly Plagiarized by Vietnamese Girl Group

(Photo : Facebook: BLACKPINK / DREAMeR Entertainment)
BLACKPINK Lisa’s teaser photo (left) and DREAMeR Bao Uyen’s teaser photo (right)

Upon seeing Bao Uyen’s photo, BLINKs quickly pointed out how the teaser photo also closely resembled BLACKPINK member Lisa’s look from her own “BORN PINK” teaser.

It appears that Bao Uyen had copied Lisa’s look, from the blue contacts, hair accessory, to the lipstick shade, and even the pose. Not only that, but the way Bao Uyen’s teaser photo was edited is also similar to Lisa’s, which include the a shattered glass effect.

After noticing the similarities, BLINKs quickly called out the group and their agency for the blatant plagiarism of BLACKPINK, and expressed their intent to contact the BLACKPINK’s agency, YG Entertainment, to make the issue known and have them handle the matter.

DREAMeR MiiNa Copies BLACKPINK Rosé’s Looks

Not only that, but it appears that this isn’t the first time DREAMeR had reportedly plagiarized BLACKPINK. BLINKs took notice that one of DREAMeR’s members, MiiNa, had worn similar outfits to those of BLACKPINK member Rosé’s.

BLACKPINK's Concept Reportedly Plagiarized by Vietnamese Girl Group

(Photo : Twitter: @EraJisoo)
DREAMeR MiiNa’s looks (top) and BLACKPINK Rosé’s looks (bottom)

In addition, MiiNa’s teaser photo for DREAMeR’s past comeback was also similar to Rosé’ past teaser photos for her “On The Ground” solo promotions. This was also noticed by BLINKs at the time, and became a controversy back in April of this year.

BLACKPINK's Concept Reportedly Plagiarized by Vietnamese Girl Group

(Photo : YG Entertainment / DREAMeR Entertainment)
BLACKPINK Rosé’s teaser photos for solo (left) and DREAMer MiiNa’s past teaser photos (right)

BLACKPINK's Concept Reportedly Plagiarized by Vietnamese Girl Group

(Photo : DREAMer Entertainment / YG Entertainment)
DREAMer MiiNa’s past teaser photo (top) and BLACKPINK Rosé’s teaser photo for solo (bottom)

Considering that this isn’t even the first time the Vietnamese girl group drew conflict with BLACKPINK, BLINKs are even more angered at their blatant plagiarism of the K-pop group’s concepts.

As of this writing, YG Entertainment has yet to respond to the issue.

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