BoA Reveals Why SNSD Taeyeon Became GOT the beat’s Leader Despite Seniority

In a broadcast, BoA opened up about how the selection of a leader for the project girl group GOT the beat happened, choosing SNSD Taeyeon, not her, in the end.

BoA Reveals Reason SNSD Taeyeon Became Leader of GOT the beat

On November 24, 1theK Original’s official YouTube channel posted a new video, featuring 22-year K-pop icon BoA.

GOT the Beat BoA

(Photo : BoA (News1))
GOT the Beat BoA

In the released clip, the segment showed the legendary idol searching for her name and profile through the platform, Namu Wiki, where she read and corrected some information about her.

While browsing, she got across the detail that she debuted for the fourth time with GOT the beat, a sub-unit under the widescale project, Girls On Top launched by SM Entertainment in January 2022. It is a collaboration of female idols under the company and will have more sub-units whose members will vary depending on the song’s concept.

SM new unit GOT the beat releases new song 'Step Back' on January 3rd

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In this unit, BoA, SNSD Taeyeon & Hyoyeon, Red Velvet Seulgi & Wendy and aespa Karina & Winter completed the group.

When it comes to choosing a leader, the K-pop culture always appoints the eldest member. But in GOT the beat, BoA, who is not only the eldest but has longest time in the limeligh, didn’t become the leader, but SNSD Taeyeon. BoA explained:

“I told Taeyeon to do it. I’ve only done solo, and Taeyeon has been in the group for a long time and is the leader of Girls’ Generation. I think (she) will be good at coordinating between Red Velvet and aespa.”

SNSD Taeyeon Who Debuted 5 Times Without Break Draws Mixed Reactions

(Photo : GOT the beat (Instagram) )

Concerning her age difference with Taeyeon, she said:

“Taeyeon and I are only three years apart, but everyone thinks there’s a big age difference (between us).”

As the topic went on, BoA confessed her thoughts while promoting GOT the beat.

“(I thought) Me? Why? Are you okay with it? I raised the average age, so would it be okay?

In fact, I thought it would be fun (to join) at first, but I thought, ‘Is it right for me to join?’ I thought a lot about whether it would be okay because (the group) should have the young Korean-American energy.”

Nevertheless, the group went well and BoA also gained rave reviews on how she adjusted well in a girl group although she’s been a soloist for more than two decades.

Watch BoA’s full video here.

How BoA’s Popularity Helped SM Entertainment’s Success

BoA, who debuted in 2000 at the age of 13, didn’t become the “Queen of K-pop” easily. While reading her profile, she read an article, saying:

“The girl who became the head of the family during SM Entertainment’s dark ages.”

BoA then reminisced about her time when she was still the only “breadwinner” of the agency, and narrated:

“There were no managers, so I took a bus when recording and Bang Si Hyuk even gave me money to take a taxi when I went home.

“(SM Entertainment) built a building. There are a lot of them.”

BoA releases new mini-album 'Forgive Me' today

(Photo : Boa Instagram)

When she debuted, she experienced commercial success in Korea and had her breakthrough once she expanded her activities in Japan. She also paved the way for K-pop idols to enter China and the U.S.

On the other hand, BoA released her third mini-album “Forgive Me” on November 22, which contains a total of 6 tracks.

Check out BoA’s new EP “Forgive Me” here.

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