BTS V Diet: Idol’s Current Weight Worries ARMYs

BTS V revealed his current weight, which shocked fans because he is known as a food lover.

Among BTS members, V admitted that he does not like working out that much. Although he only spends a little time building his muscles and maintaining his figure, he said that his diet plan mostly does the job.

Recently, he revealed his current weight and left fans worried. Continue reading to know how much V weighs.

BTS V Reveals Weight on Instagram

BTS V Diet: Idol's Current Weight Worries ARMYs


After making the airport his runway stage, BTS V jetted back to South Korea via Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris on Sunday. Before he turned people’s heads again with his visuals, the idol posted several updates on his Instagram Story, including a photo of him weighing himself and showing his current weight.

The photo, which has since been reposted on different platforms, revealed that BTS V’s current weight is 63.4 kg. V himself added a gif on top of the number, featuring a man showing a thumbs-up.

ARMYs immediately expressed their concerns as the number makes him underweight for his age and height. They also urged him to stop losing weight since, they believe, he does not have anything to lose.

On the other hand, some fans defended V and told everyone to stop commenting on his weight. They added that they should let V to do anything that would make him feel comfortable and confident at the same time.

BTS V Diet: Idol's Current Weight Worries ARMYs


One said, “Some army create issue with Taehyung’s post on his weight. Taehyung didn’t say fan to not eat or go on diet he just inform us he did diet for a projet, he is the only member who love being chubby , doesn’t say he will diet to be pretty or didn’t eat several day for a come-back.”

“Kim Taehyung’s weight is perfect for his height and body! You can eat all you want and diet if you want, as long as your healthy. No one can tell you otherwise,” another wrote.

This Is How BTS V Avoid Gaining Weight

BTS V once shared three tips with fans who also want to avoid gaining extra weight. First and foremost, he explained how stress eating could be the number 1 factor in this.

BTS V Diet: Idol's Current Weight Worries ARMYs


The idol can keep his ideal weight by not feeling stressed when he eats. He does that by thinking happy thoughts whenever he consumes his meals.

Secondly, V said one should enjoy the food and enjoy the taste to avoid weight gain. Lastly, he disclosed that consuming soups could make someone full without adding extra pounds.

BTS V also wowed fans as he could consume fast foods without getting fat, leading them to follow his health tips!

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