BTS was mocked for ordering “Grammy trophy cake” even though it failed; fans were angry when the truth was revealed

BTS was mocked for ordering Grammy trophy cake even though it failed; fans were angry when the truth was revealed

The 63rd Grammy Awards have been long gone, but the echo still lingers through a series of dramas related to BTS. After the ceremony, the 7 boys live-streamed and comforted ARMY – who were disappointed, even angry because the group failed the trophy full of controversy.

BTS interacted with fans after the Grammy Awards ended

Although they did not win the nomination category, BTS still prepared a cake to celebrate with fans. However, some people looked out of the cake on the table; in the corner of the room also placed a golden trumpet-shaped cake simulating the Grammy Cup. They said that the group ordered 2 cakes, one with the shape of a Grammy trumpet, to be celebrated in case of winning.

Fans discovered the Grammy trumpet-shaped cake in the corner of the BTS room.

It will be nothing if the anti-fan does not rush to mock BTS. Ironically the boys “crave” the Grammy Awards so much that they put the cake first and then get lost.

However, the truth behind BTS’s controversial cream cake has recently been unraveled. It turns out that the boys and the crew did not prepare the golden trumpet-shaped cake; this is a gift that the 5-star Grand Intercontinental Hotel Parnas gives to BTS because they are Grammy-nominated artists.

Close-up of the golden trumpet-shaped cake that BTS was given, the hotel name is also engraved below.

Knowing the truth, the ARMY community is extremely outraged because many people who are not sure about the industry have laughed and ridiculed BTS. They also said that if BTS prepares the golden trumpet-shaped cake in advance, it shows that the group is meticulous, paying attention to every detail to celebrate with fans completely.

Fans got angry because BTS was ridiculed because of the cake

In itself, receiving nominations at the Grammy Awards is already a great honor, except for BTS; no Kpop group can do it. Although they did not win the award, the 7 members can completely be proud of this milestone and have the right to enjoy a gift given to them. There is nothing worth the anti-fan to ridicule and disgrace.

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