CARATs Slam Organizer For Safety & Cost Issues in SEVENTEEN Concert

CARATs have expressed their frustration on various social platforms regarding safety and costs issues in SEVENTEEN’s recent Philippine concert. Fans criticized the organizer for the event’s mishaps.

Here’s what people are saying.

CARATs Criticize Organizer For SEVENTEEN’s ‘BE THE SUN’ Concert

Over Twitter, CARATs voiced out their frustration towards concert organizer, Live Nation. The organizer was responsible for SEVENTEEN’s “BE THE SUN” Concert in Bulacan, and fans anticipated them to give a fun experience ahead.

SEVENTEEN 'Be The Sun' Concert in Texas

(Photo : SEVENTEEN- Twitter)

(Photo : SEVENTEEN – Twitter)

After the concert, fans took to Twitter, expressing how there were times CARATs noticed accidents and safety concerns in the venue.

Furthermore, they added how traumatizing the experience was for them.

Some posted an accident, where it involved a metal pole falling from the venue’s roof. The pole hit a fan within the audiences, directly on the left shoulder. The shocking occurrence reached to the arena’s managers and medic, giving assistance to the fan.

“OMG guys please make this viral in order to gain the attention of Philippine Arena or Live Nation Philippines”

Meanwhile, some fans stated how envious they were on SEVENTEEN’s Jakarta concert. MecimaPro handled the event smoothly, leading the Philippine concert experience to pale in comparison.

“It was only 12.8k VIP soundcheck in Indonesia. That’s the most expensive ticket, but they still managed to make Jakarta a mini CARAT-land. In fact, you charged us for more Live Nation Philippines. Where did you spend all that money? The venue was way bigger, but Bulacan’s bets was worse?”

“It’s true. The stage was really unsettling. I wish they could’ve just maximized its space, since the standing area looked empty.”

“Free shuttle, Free raincoat, Free food. But when it came to us, it got really unfair. I don’t want to talk anymore.”

CARATs Sends Hugs To Fellow Fans After Traumatizing & Lacking Experience

Other CARATs empathized with fellow Filo CARATs, stating how their feelings still matter and jealousy was completely valid.


(Photo : Instagram: @jeonghaniyoo_n)

Due to the bad experiences, the concert-experience comparison between Bulacan and Jakarta comes off as natural.

Sending hugs to all filo carats. The jealousy is valid. Your feelings are valid. the comparisons are valid because it really feels like we’ve been cheated on, knowing we haven’t even got the bare minimum from LNPH. only SEVENTEEN and CARATS made that concert successful.”

Additionally, CARATs suggested to SEVENTEEN’s agency PLEDIS Entertainment not to partner up with Live Nation Philippines. This is to address LNPH’s inconsistencies in cost, safety concerns and cause of bad experiences for fans.

“I genuinely wish PLEDIS saw the horrors during the Bulacan show, and cut ties with LNPH already, because they literally did not only do CARATS dirty, but SEVENTEEN as well. It’s appalling to think they got away with it, and not mentioning a single word after the con.”

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