Celebrities at BLACKPINK’s ‘BORN PINK’ Seoul Concert: (G)I-DLE Minnie, TWICE, More!

On the night of October 15, BLACKPINK kickstarted their highly-awaited BORN PINK would tour with their first night in Seoul at the KSPO Dome. This marks the quartet’s first concert in over two years since their In Your Area world tour back in 2018 to 2020.

Not only was their concert a much-awaited event for BLACKPINK fans, BLINKs, but also for numerous high-profile celebrities who are fans of the “Shut Down” singers. At the concert, several celebrities were spotted by fans making an attendance, while some shared photos directly on their social media.

From (G)I-DLE Minnie to some TWICE members, check out all the celebrities spotted at BLACKPINK’s BORN PINK concert!

1. Girl’s Day Hyeri


(Photo : Instagram: @hyeri_0609)
Girl’s Day Hyeri (middle) with BLACKPINK

Girl’s Day member Hyeri, who is close friends with Rosé, snapped a photo with all four BLACKPINK members. She also shared several photos of her having fun at the concert.

2. WINNER Seunghoon

BLACKPINK, Seunghoon

(Photo : Instagram: @maetamong)

Fellow YG Entertainment artist, WINNER Seunghoon (also known as Hoony), took a photo individually with each BLACKPINK member.

3. WJSN Bona

Bona, Jisoo

(Photo : Instagram: @bn_95819)
WJSN Bona (left) with BLACKPINK Jisoo (right)

WJSN member Bona showed her support for her good friend Jisoo by sharing a photo of them together backstage at the concert through her Instagram Stories.

4. (G)I-DLE Minnie

(G)I-DLE Minnie

(Photo : Instagram: @min.nicha)
(G)I-DLE Minnie at BLACKPINK’s concert

(G)I-DLE member Minnie came to support her fellow Thai K-pop idol Lisa at the concert. Minnie attended the event with former CLC member Sorn, who is also Thai.

5. Sorn (with Lisa’s family)


(Photo : Instagram: @sssorn_chonnasorn)
Former CLC member Sorn (far right) with Lisa’s family at BLACKPINK’s concert

Former CLC member Sorn, who is also Thai, showed her love for Lisa alongside Minnie. She attended the concert with Lisa’s family.

6. TWICE Jihyo, Mina, and Nayeon

TWICE Jihyo, Mina, Nayeon

(Photo : Twitter: @rojennielover / Twitter: @tzujuliee)
Top: TWICE Jihyo (left) and Mina (right) / Bottom: Mina (in pigtails)

Fans spotted TWICE members Jihyo and Mina at the concert. Nayeon was also spotted in attendance.

7. Park Bo Gum

Jihyo, Mina, Park Bo Gum

(Photo : Twitter: @_celinemuse)
(left to right) TWICE Jihyo, Mina, and Park Bo Gum

Actor Park Bo Gum was also at BLACKPINK’s concert. He was reportedly seated next to the TWICE members.

8. ITZY Lia and Yuna

Lia, Yuna

(Photo : Twitter: @villainpinks)
ITZY Lia (top) and Yuna (bottom) at BLACKPINK’s concert

Concert goers reportedly saw BLACKPINK’s juniors, ITZY members Lia and Yuna, watching the concert happily.

9. Ahn Dong Goo

Ahn Dong Goo, Jisoo

(Photo : Instagram: @d____9ya)
Ahn Dong Goo (left) with BLACKPINK Jisoo (right)

Jisoo’s fellow former castmate for Snowdrop, Ahn Dong Goo, showed his support for the BLACKPINK member.

10. Kim Hye Jun

Kim Hye Jun, Jisoo

(Photo : Instagram: @hyello._.o)
Kim Hye Jun (left) with BLACKPINK Jisoo (right)

Actress Kim Hye Jun, who likely met Jisoo through actor Jung Hae In, also attended the concert and snapped a photo with the BLACKPINK member.


Jeon Somi, Løren, Vince, 24

(Photo : Twitter: @myflowerroad127)

The artists from YG Entertainment’s subsidiary, THEBLACKLABEL, which includes Jeon Somi, Løren, Vince, and 24, were also in attendance. They sat with the concert’s staff members.

13. Yoon Rong Rong

Yoon Rong Rong, Jisoo

(Photo : Instagram: @y_ar1492)
Yoon Rong Rong (right) with BLACKPINK Jisoo (left)

Freelancer model Yoon Rong Rong, also known as Soojin and former GLAM member Trinity, showed her support for her close friend Jisoo at the concert.

14. Yoon Se Ah

Yoon Se Ah, Jisoo

(Photo : Instagram: @loveyoonsea)
Yoon Se Ah (right) with BLACKPINK Jisoo (left)

Jisoo’s former castmate Yoon Se Ah snapped a photo with the BLACKPINK member following the concert.

15. Kal So Won and Lee Re

Lee Re, Kal So Won

(Photo : Twitter: @lightangjs)
Lee Re (left) and Kal So Won (right) at BLACKPINK’s concert

Child actresses Kal So Won and Lee Re, who starred in Miracle in Cell No. 7 and Hope, respectively, proved they are BLINKs when attending the group’s concert.

16. PD Jung Chul Min

Jung Chul Min

(Photo : Instagram: @ironmin0112 via Twitter: @NEWSJENNlE)
PD Jung Chul Min at BLACKPINK’s concert

A celebrity among variety show lovers, Running Man‘s former PD Jung Chul Min was invited to the concert by Jennie!

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