CL and Rosé (BLACKPINK) are the only two Kpop female solo artists to enter the Billboard Hot 100, and the songs are all composed by “YG music witch.”

Rosé recently debuted solo but was a huge success. Recently, the song On The Ground that she released on March 12 “landed” at No. 70 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart – the highest ranking for a Kpop female solo singer. Expanding to Korean artists’ solo segment, Rosé is second only to PSY (ranked # 2 with Gangnam Style and # 5 with Gentleman).

Rosé is the Kpop female solo artist with the highest ranking on the Billboard Hot 100 chart

Before Rosé, only one Korean female solo singer entered the Billboard Hot 100, and that person was CL – the one-time family member of the main vocalist BLACKPINK. The song Lifted by the former 2NE1 leader ranked 94th when it was released in 2016, through which she and Rosé are the only two female Kpop solo-artists to appear on this prestigious chart.


CL and Rosé were both artists under YG Entertainment when their song debuted on the Billboard Hot 100, but that was not the only thing in common between the duo. Coincidentally, producer Teddy participated in both Lifted and On The Ground, helping their owners become the only two Korean female solo artists to participate in the prestigious American music chart.

The two songs on CL and Rosé’s Billboard Hot 100 were both composed by Teddy.

With the song Lifted, Teddy plays the producer’s role; he participated in writing lyrics with CL and Asher Roth. However, his role is somewhat more modest in Rosé’s debut solo. Teddy is not the main producer of the song On The Ground; the credits also appear with many strange names. In particular, Rosé also participated in writing lyrics for her first solo song like her senior.

Teddy started as a singer; he debuted in the hip-hop group 1TYM. When 1TYM stopped working in 2006, Teddy decided to switch completely to a producer. He became a producer of artists under YG, such as Se7en and BIGBANG. In the period 2004 to 2006, hits like Passion, La La La (Se7en) or We Belong Together, Sunset Glow (BIGBANG),… were all composed by him.

Before becoming a producer, Teddy was a member of the 1TYM group

Because Teddy is behind countless hit hits, Teddy is nicknamed “YG music witch.” His music is highly praised for its uniqueness, personality, and “quality” beat. Not many people know that Lady Gaga invited a producer born in 1978 to produce music for her, but he turned it down. The fact that Teddy participated in composing two songs that entered the Billboard Hot 100 chart of CL and Rosé shows that this producer is really cool in helping the YG artist set unprecedented records.

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