Crowds Welcome aespa in France, Giselle’s Reaction Made MYs Laugh

aespa is one of Givenchy’s ambassadors and because of it, they were invited to the Paris fashion week of the famous luxury brand.

In the airport, fans have gathered around the members of aespa making them shrink as the crowd is very close to them.

aespa Giselle

(Photo : Facebook: aespa)
aespa Giselle

However, they were not really fazed by it especially Giselle since her reactions made more MYs adore her. What was aespa Giselle’s reaction that made MYs laugh? Read on to know more!

French MYs Welcome aespa at the Airport

Aespa has arrived at the Paris Charles de Gaulle airport a while ago, October 1, 3 AM Korean time. They were met with crowds of fans swarming at them as they made their way out of the place.


However, it did not become an easy task as the MYs were eager to see the ladies of aespa up close. Good thing, the members were okay with it, especially Giselle who looks like she was enjoying the mess that the crowd made.

As they were given gifts like bouquets of flowers and other things, Giselle can’t help but smile brightly and laugh at the situation at the same time.


It really looks like she was enjoying the fans that welcomed them at the airport. Giselle was even responding to the fans who call her name and even making half heart for some fans.

French MYs find her reaction to the whole situation funny but heartwarming and adorable as it showed how much she appreciates the fans.

Of course, it was not only Giselle who looked happy after being welcomed by the fans. Karina was also smiling albeit a bit overwhelmed with the situation.


Although, there were some fans who were not happy with the situation aespa was in. Some of them think that the girls were too overwhelmed to react differently and were not used to it.

They were saying that the fans should have given space and should have not invaded the ladies’ personal space.

On the other hand, Ning Ning was not with them because of visa reasons, which made MYs mad at SM Entertainment for their incompetency and lack of responsibility to address the issue and solve it properly.

aespa NingNing

(Photo : Facebook: aespa)
aespa NingNing without makeup

Aespa At Incheon Airport Before Going to Paris

Karina, Winter, and Giselle were photographed at the Incheon airport before boarding their flight to France for the Givenchy fashion week.

aespa Girls

(Photo : Twitter: @aespa_official)

And as fans saw the pictures, they can’t help but compare the faces of the three on stage and to that moment, when they were wearing simple make-up. Many MYs think that they suited simple makeup rather than their onstage looks.

A PANN post said that Karina’s beauty is being buried because of the think makeup when they go on stage.

Many commenters agreed and said that Karina indeed looked great, especially in a ponytail. Other comments are saying that she looked like a baby snake

“Karina looks so soft and pretty when she has a ponytail ㅠ She is a baby snake.”

“She’s a f*cking baby snake… Freaking cute”

“How can you look this good in journalist picturesㅠㅠㅠ Unnie I love you”

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