Did IVE Change Makeup Artists After Backlash? Here’s What Happened

Following the backlash IVE’s makeup artists received in the past, did they finally change salons?

Keep on reading to know what happened.

IVE Reportedly Changed Makeup Artists After Drawing Backlash for Visuals

Since earlier this year, IVE’s makeup artists have been the subject of criticism from the public, and the criticism lasted for numerous months on several occasions.

Most of the time, the criticisms were due to members Jang Wonyoung and Ahn Yujin’s makeup styles, which IVE fans DIVEs and netizens found too mature-looking for the young idols, and that it looked unflattering due to the thick eyebrows drawn on them.

Jang Wonyoung

(Photo : Instagram: @for_everyoung10)
IVE Jang Wonyoung’s makeup style before criticism (left) and the makeup style that drew backlash (right)

Due to the criticisms, it even came to a point where IVE’s makeup artist held a live broadcast back in August where she publicly apologized, saying she is “sorry to her friends in IVE.” In addition, she stated that she has never experienced this kind of hardship in the 20 years of her career.

Now, more than a month later, netizens are speculating that IVE has finally changed their makeup artists after months of backlash.

In the past, the salon Soonsoo, which was the one that drew criticism, always shared photos of Jang Wonyoung to their social media. However, fans noticed that a new salon had been sharing Jang Wonyoung’s photos, a salon called Oui Oui Attelier.

Did IVE Change Makeup Artists After Backlash? Here's What Happened

(Photo : Nate Pann)
IVE’s new salon sharing photos of Jang Wonyoung

Although it is possible that only Jang Wonyoung changed salons, fans believe that the whole group changed their hair and makeup artists as one of Oui Oui Attelier’s staff members is following Ahn Yujin on social media.

Fans have also noticed a difference in the IVE members’ makeup styles, which are more lighter and age-appropriate as compared to their past makeup styles.

Did IVE Change Makeup Artists After Backlash? Here's What Happened

(Photo : Nate Pann)
IVE members’ makeup styles after changing salons

DIVEs and Netizens Praise IVE’s New Makeup Artists

Unsurprisingly, the news of IVE possibly changing their go-to salons was well-received by both DIVEs and netizens.

Jang Wonyoung

(Photo : Instagram: @for_everyoung10)
IVE Jang Wonyoung’s makeup style after changing salons

According to netizens, the change was a good decision on their part, and that the IVE members’ makeup styles are a lot better as it feels more refreshing and pretty to look at.

Some comments from netizens read:

“First of all, their eyebrows do not look weird anymore.”

“Oui Oui [Attelier] are the best at makeup and hair nowadays, no?”

“Wow, this is a thousand times better.”

“They made such a good change. Their makeup [now] does not look stuffy and I like how it gives off watercolor vibes.”

“Heol, did they finally change shops?? I love it too much…”

“This makes me feel refreshed, seriously. Their eyebrows look f*cking pretty and they all became freaaaking prettier.”

What do you think of IVE’s new makeup styles?

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