ENHYPEN Jungwon Selected as Idol With Cutest Rice Cake Cheeks — See Full List Here!

ENHYPEN member Jungwon was selected as the idol with the cutest rice cake-like cheeks.

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ENHYPEN Jungwon Selected as Idol With Cutest Rice Cake Cheeks

From April 14 to April 29, StarPlay held a poll titled “The idol with cute, soft rice cake cheeks.”

In the survey, users are encouraged to select the idol with cute cheeks that are so squishy “that you can feel even through the screen.” Voters are also encouraged to choose the idol that captivates their hearts with their chubby cheeks. Their cheeks must be so cute that “you can’t stop crying.”


(Photo : ENHYPEN Twitter)

The idol who wins first place will win one Seoul Station CM board video advertisement. In addition, several Korean media outlets will also write about their win in this poll.

Ranking in the first place is ENHYPEN’s leader, Jungwon. The rookie male idol received 754,330 votes. This is approximately 57.94% of the total votes cast. He is the only member of ENHYPEN to rank in the top ten.


(Photo : ENHYPEN Twitter)

Though he is the leader of ENHYPEN, the fans and the members often praise Jungwon for his adorable energy when he is off stage. The members have stated that they thought he was cute the first time they met Jungwon. When he is not performing, he has a cute personality. Due to his wide array of charms, it is no surprise that Jungwon ranked first!

His cheeks are home to one of Jungwon’s charming points — his dimples! When Jungwon smiles, his cheeks are more pronounced, and fans can see his adorable dimples. When he smiles, his eyes become more feline-line, which ENGENEs love.


(Photo : ENHYPEN Twitter)

Second place went to DKZ member Jae Chan, while third place went to NCT member Jisung.

Congratulations, Jungwon!

1. ENHYPEN Jungwon – 754,330 votes (57.94%)

2. DKZ Jae Chan – 176,008 votes (13.52%)

3. NCT Jisung – 171,812 votes (13.20%)

4. Kim Jaehwan – 102,723 votes (7.89%)

5. Kep1er Mashiro – 54,613 votes (4.19%)

6. aespa Ningning – 20,051 votes (1.54%)

7. MONSTA X Hyungwon – 11,180 votes (0.86%)

8. BLACKPINK Jennie – 5,720 votes (0.44%)

9. STAYC Isa – 4,922 votes (0.38%)

10. NMIXX Kyujin – 660 votes (0.05%)

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ENHYPEN Recent Activities

In March 2022, ENHYPEN was named the model for the 2022 Nike Air Max promotions in Japan. The boys were appointed as models by ABC-Mart, a Japanese footwear company. Those who purchase shoes will received special benefits, such as AR experience and original stickers.

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On February 11, 2022, ENHYPEN member Sunwoo tested positive for COVID-10. On February 15, it was announced that the idol had fully recovered and was discharged from protocolary quarantine. He returned to group activties on February 16.

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