Ex-AOA Jimin Reveals THIS K-pop Idol Contacted Her Following Bullying Scandal

Former AOA member Jimin reveals that a certain K-pop idol had contacted her following her departure from the group amid her bullying scandal.

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Former AOA Member Jimin Revealed to Have Lived With Lee Hyori Amid Bullying Scandal

Recently on September 15 KST, Korean media outlet Osen reported that former AOA leader Jimin will be performing first generation idol Lee Hyori’s hit single “U-Go-Girl” for the upcoming episode of JTBC’s survival program Another Universe.

In addition to sharing Jimin’s choice of song for the episode, Osen also revealed the reason why Jimin decided to perform “U-Go-Girl.”

Shin Jimin

(Photo : Instagram: @jiminbaby_18)
Former AOA member Jimin

Back in 2020, Jimin, who was at the time still a member of AOA, became embroiled in a scandal with former AOA member Mina after the latter accused her of being a perpetrator of bullying. Jimin eventually withdrew from the group and announced her retirement from the entertainment industry.

The aftermath of her retirement became messy, as the issue didn’t die down even after a year even with Jimin stepping away from social media or the public.

Shin Jimin

(Photo : Instagram: @jiminbaby_18)
Former AOA member Jimin

However, Osen revealed that during Jimin’s darkest times, it was Lee Hyori who had first reached out and contacted the idol.

Osen reported, “While Jimin was facing her toughest time, it was Lee Hyori who messaged her first. Despite them not having any relationship beforehand, Lee Hyori felt sorrow for her junior (hoobae) and reached out.”

They continued, “Jimin then dropped everything and flew to Jeju Island, where she lived with Lee Hyori and was able to gather her strength again.”

Lee Hyori

(Photo : ESteem)
Lee Hyori

Jimin Dedicates Upcoming Performance to Lee Hyori

Osen added that Jimin chose to perform Lee Hyori’s song as a way to pay homage to her and express her gratitude. Her performance is expected to be emotional given the meaning behind it.

Meanwhile, since Jimin’s return to the industry, she has been slowly rebuilding her solo career. She recently signed an exclusive contract with ALO MALO Entertainment in July of this year, and is currently preparing for her appearance on Another Universe, where she will be competing against other singers.

Shin Jimin

(Photo : Instagram: @jiminbaby_18)
Former AOA member Jimin

Prior to her return to the entertainment industry, which ended her two-year hiatus, Jimin had released the album “New Moon” and its lead single “Come See Me” with AOA in November 2019.

As a solo artist, her latest singles were “Hallelujah” and “Hey,” released in 2017 and 2018, respectively. She was also a main cast for the variety program Sherlock’s Room in 2017.

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