EXO-Ls Predict ‘Love Shot’ Stage With Lay in SMTOWN Concert Following DO’s ‘Spoiler’

Will EXO-Ls finally get to see Lay perform with EXO again? Here are 2 HINTS why the fandom believes it might happen!

EXO D.O. Drops Spoiler For SMTOWN Concert: ‘I practiced ‘Love Shot’ with members’

On November 28, EXO D.O. snagged the title as the group’s “King of Spoiler” following his messages on Bubble, a fandom-communicating platform used by SM Entertainment artists.

In particular, the idol took to the app on this day to talk to his fans (EXO-Ls), welcoming the start of winter.

When asked by fans about what he was currently up to, D.O. replied:

“I’m been taking a break, preparing, then taking a break again.”

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(Photo : D.O. (News1))

Apparently, Eris asked him about what he was preparing for and he answered:

“Recently, I’ve been practicing the ‘love shot’ choreography with the members (boys) for the first time after a long time and I’m in big trouble.”

He continued:

“(It’s) for the SMTOWN stage. I’ve been working on it. Everyone, I’m coming! I’m coming!”


(Photo : Facebook: EXO)

As soon as fans heard about it, EXO-Ls expressed excitement as it was speculated that EXO, as a group, will attend the annual SMTOWN concert held every New Year along with other SM Entertainment artists.

In the past years, EXO has been sending representatives to attend the event due to members’ military enlistment; thus, if it’s true, this will be the first time in a while that the group will gather again for a stage.

Will Lay Join Group’s ‘Love Shot’ Performance? EXO Member Gives Update

EXO Lay Is Back in Korea—Here’s Why He Returned

(Photo : 노컷뉴스)

Currently, the group has seven active members in Korea excluding Baekhyun, who is currently serving in the military. Due to this, fans are discussing that they will get to see an OT7 stage comprised of Xiumin, Suho, D.O., Chen, Chanyeol, Kai and Sehun.

But EXO-Ls think that they will actually get to see an OT8 stage – it may not be with Baekhyun but with Lay, who is actively promoting in China and the US.

On the same day D.O. announced that the nine-member group is practicing “Love Shot,” it was reported that member Lay also departed from the US and arrived in South Korea!

EXO-Ls Predict 'Love Shot' Stage With Lay in SMTOWN Concert Following DO's 'Spoiler'

(Photo : EXO Lay (@kokokbop Twitter courtesy Weibo))

In a recent interview, Lay confirmed that he met EXO members when he first went to SoKor in October, raising anticipation from fans that he will meet them again this time to discuss something “BIG” for fans.

“I met my brothers in Korea a while ago. In recording.”

Although Lay isn’t signed with SM Entertainment anymore, fans are hoping that the same term that happened with SNSD Tiffany, Seohyun and Sooyoung will apply to him and will be able to do an SMTOWN concert together with EXO.

EXO Reportedly To Make Comeback In 2023


(Photo : Twitter: @weareoneEXO)

Aside from the SMTOWN stage, K-pop enthusiasts are also wishing that Lay is in South Korea to join the reported new album of EXO set to be released in 2023.

On October 17, SMTOWN’s prospective comeback and debut schedule were unveiled, stating that the group will make a comeback in the 1st quarter of next year.

That time, Baekhyun will be out in the military in February, strengthening the report. According to the news, EXO will release a full-group album and will also herald a group fan meeting.

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