EXO Suho Draws Mixed Responses After Allegedly Calling New Idols ‘Lazy’

EXO member Suho is drawing mixed responses after allegedly calling new idols “lazy.”

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Did EXO Suho Call New Idols ‘Lazy’?

EXO member Suho is attracting attention with his recent mark about idols.


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On April 15, Suho held a fan sign event at a cafe in Busan and communicated with fans. Suho expressed his love for fans during the event by saying, “I feel happy that I can give my fans good memories.”

He added, “Actually, I did not think that this event was something impressive. Yet I thought I was doing everything.”


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The idol then added a remark that has drawn mixed responses. The EXO member said, “Idols nowadays are so lazy.”

Suho further explained his comment, saying, “Is it because of the company? As companies are getting bigger and the idol market gets more crowded, they do not seem to care about all the little details. It is a shame.”

This remark has drawn mixed responses, with some people agreeing with him while others are criticizing the idol for his words.

EXO Suho Draws Divided Reactions After Allegedly Calling New Idols ‘Lazy’

Many expressed shock over Suho’s choice of words, saying that it was an unnecessary comment. Furthermore, many criticized Suho for putting down new rookie idols to boost his own ego.

Others added that he needs to be careful about idols nowadays and that it was not a smart move for him to pick fights with idols nowadays.


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Some comments criticizing Suho read,

“Is he trying to put other idols down to boost his ego?”

“Huh? Is he randomly just picking on other idols like that?”

“Even if he was joking, why is he picking fights with nowadays?”

“You need to be careful when talking about idols nowadays, does he not know that?”

Others have defended the idol, saying that media outlets are exaggerating. Many have stated that Suho was simply joking and that media outlets are desperately trying to drag him.

Others are saying that Suho has a point, explaining that rookie groups right now are now working as hard as EXO during their prime.

In addition, Suho is an idol that has rarely gotten into controversies and is good at managing himself, which people believe gives him credibility when talking about work ethic.

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