EXO Xiumin Scolds Eri After Seeing THIS During Video Call Fansign

A Korean EXO-L had an embarrassing encounter with EXO Xiumin after the idol saw THIS! He even called her out not once but twice! What did the K-Eri do?

(Photo : Xiumin (@Xiuminimi Twitter, SBS PD Note))

EXO Xiumin Baffled After Seeing THIS During Video Call Fansign

Following EXO Xiumin’s solo debut with the release of his first mini-album, “Brand New,” on September 26, the male idol has been continuously attending online and offline fansign events to communicate with his fans.

Like a fandom culture, those people who were luckily chosen to talk to their favorite idols usually share the content of their conversation during the 2-minute video call on social media platforms such as Twitter.

Most of the time, K-pop fans expressed their envy, support and various emotions to these people, especially those who were able to have a heart-fluttering moment with their bias.

EXO Xiumin, where do you see thirty two? boyish beauty

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But this Korean Eri, particularly an ELSA (Xiumin fan), had an unforgettable encounter with the idol that even other EXO-Ls who watched the clip felt secondhand embarrassment.

In particular, it started when this fan shared her conversation with Xiumin during a video call fansign event for Synnara held on October 4.

In the clip, Xiumin was seen ready to greet the fan but the first thing that came out of his mouth was:

“Wow… what’s this? Why is your house so messy?”

Flustered, the fan told Xiumin not to look at her background but the “Serenity” singer complained:

“How is it possible not to look? You should live while thinking to clean them up!”

The fan then immediately explained that she didn’t know her things will show up in the camera and added that she lives alone when asked by the idol.

Still baffled of what he saw, Xiumin continued to scan the fan’s “messy” house and told her:

“You should have cleaned up a bit.”

The topic of cleaning was briefly forgotten and their conversation went smoothly when the fan asked if it was possible to talk with Xiumin informally. Xiumin then teased the fan by saying that she can if she will clean her house.

Before the conversation ended, the male idol truly didn’t go easy with the fan and in the middle of confessing her love for the idol, Xiumin cuts her off to remind her to clean.

“Oppa, I lov—“

“Clean your room!”

EXO-Ls Feel Secondhand Embarrassment Following Clip of Xiumin Scolding Fan For Her ‘Messy’ House

EXO Xiumin, where do you see thirty two? boyish beauty

(Photo : 1st Look) Xiumin

When the video was uploaded, EXO-Ls and other K-pop fans immediately expressed their embarrassment for the fan. Some commented on Twitter:

  • “If this happened to me, I’m hanging up.”
  • “I would cry if my idol told me my house is dirty.”
  • “I would never show my face to him again.”

EXO Xiumin Records Numerous Feats With Solo Debut Album 'Brand New'

(Photo : Xiumin (News1))

Some also expressed curiosity if what happened to the fan and forgot to prepare and clean up, knowing that Xiumin is a “clean freak.”

Among EXO, he is the tidiest member and he really loves cleaning wherever he is.

  • “Who would dare show up on Xiumin’s video call with a messy house? A clean freak?”
  • “Xiumin literally spent half of the video call time just to tell her to clean, I’d be super embarrassed.”

Just then, the fan revealed her side and explained the behind-the-story why her room is unorganized. Apparently, she was unboxing her albums at that time, and she was sure that it wouldn’t show in the camera but it did. She apologizes to the male idol as well for showing her messy room.

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