G-Dragon, Dara Send People Into Frenzy Following THIS 13-Second Clip— Here’s Why

THIS clip made BIGBANG G-Dragon and former 2NE1 Sandara (DaraGon, Appler) shippers rejoiced!

G-Dragon, Dara Spotted Attending Close Friend’s Party

G-Dragon Past Dating Rumors Involving Korean Female idols: Who is your Ship?

(Photo : Twitter)
G-Dragon, Dara 

On September 16, G-Dragon revealed his recent status by updating his Instagram Story. In particular, he posted photos from Ahn twin sisters’ party who recently celebrated their birthday. Ahn Ahreum is a close friend of BIGBANG G-Dragon who also appeared on his sns a couple of times, showing their close friendship.

However, the male icon’s appearance himself is not the only one that drew K-pop enthusiasts and internet users’ attention but other top stars who attended the party as well including former SISTAR Bora, actor Lee Soo Hyun and former 2NE1 Sandara Park.

Among photos and videos captured from the event, one clip particularly took the internet by storm and became a hot topic, especially among K-pop fans supporting Dara and GD.

In the 13-second clip posted on Twitter, it gave a glimpse of how the party went on, evident by the smiles and giggles from the attendees. But what stood out best was the DaraGon/Appler crumbs, showing how Dara briefly made eye contact with G-Dragon while smiling genuinely at each other.

 They also appeared embarrassed, and it seems that both were hiding from the crowd who were busy taking videos.

This short interaction immediately brought DaraGon/Appler shippers to life, who have been supporting the chemistry of the two idols for more than a decade now.

GD, Dara ‘Crumbs’ Spark Another Dating Rumor

G-Dragon Past Dating Rumors Involving Korean Female idols: Who is your Ship?

(Photo : Twitter)
G-Dragon, Dara

As of writing, the clip on Twitter amassed approximately 100k views, with 3.7k likes and 1.57k retweets from fans.

Most the of comments on the quote tweets are still speculating that the two idols are possibly dating, or are special to each other.

  • “DaraGon is the longest mystery, no Kmedia can decipher.”
  • “My appler heart!”
  • “Please just get married already!”

In particular, fans shipping the two second-gen idols emphasized the dating possibility after they noticed that G-Dragon has been liking Instagram content from fans involving Dara and his past interactions. It was not only once, but the “Black” singer has been consistently doing it since May 2022!

On the same day, Sandara Park certified her attendance at the party by posting her selfies on Instagram and Twitter, wearing the same outfit that was seen in the video.

As soon as the photos were uploaded, fans speculated about who took the photos, hoping that it was the male idol.

G-Dragon, Dara Send People Into Frenzy Following THIS 13-Second Clip— Here's Why

(Photo : Dara (Instagram))

However, Dara immediately clarified this speculation by reposting the photos on her Instagram and writing:

“My best friends are my best photographers. Photo by @/heeeyun (Dancer & Choreographer Kim Heeyun).”

The “I Don’t Care” singer added:

“The pictures taken by my friends are a bit special, perhaps because they contain affection.”

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