(G)I-DLE Minnie Sparks Discussion Due To Cryptic Post — What Did the Idol Say?

On the 2022 Melon Music Awards, (G)I-DLE Minnie posted a picture on her Instagram story, and deleted it shortly, causing discussion among Neverlands. The event occurred on November 26, wherein the girl group took home three awards.

(G)I-DLE Minnie Sparks Curiosity For Her Cryptic Instagram Story

The recently-concluded 2022 Melon Music Awards was the first time in three years to be held offline, which transpired at Seoul’s Gocheok Sky Dome.

Meanwhile, when the awards ceremony ended, (G)I-DLE member Minnie posted a picture on her Instagram Story, where she was shown posing, with the caption: “Is it for real?”

(G)I-DLE Minnie's deleted Instagram Story

(Photo : (G)I-DLE Minnie’s deleted Instagram Story)
(G)I-DLE Minnie’s deleted Instagram Story

The picture didn’t last long and was deleted soon after.

After the incident, Minnie posted new photos on her Instagram with the caption inciting curiosity within the online community due to its vague nature.

“I thought I had everything, but no one cares, and it feels like nobody cares. Hope you like it. Neverland.”

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A post shared by MINNIE (@min.nicha)

Minnie then posted another story featuring (G)I-DLE in a group picture, where it imbued a more positive mood.

She asked their fandom Neverlands if the enjoyed the stage performance and thanked them for watching the group.

Additionally, she expressed her affection through advising their fans to go home safely. The following caption was also displayed:

“Did you enjoy the stage? Thank you to the NEVERLANDs who came to see us today. I love you, please go home safely.”

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Neverlands React To (G)I-DLE Minnie’s Vague Post – Was the Idol Trying to Say Something?


(Photo : Instagram: @min.nicha)
(G)I-DLE Minnie

After the posts were revealed, netizens caught reach of its air and argued over Minnie’s posts, containing a series of photos with unclear captions.

People commented on the matter where Minnie’s captions were in the context of the girl group not winning the grand prize for their 2022 hit releases “Tomboy” and “Nxde”

They also discussed that the captions were a jab intended for the winners of MMA 2022.

“It made sense that they didn’t win the grand prize when they were invited for ‘Tomboy’ and ‘Nxde”

“Isn’t that a jab [at the winners]?”

However, some claimed Minnie was only voicing out her happiness after receiving three awards in MMA 2022, while stressing out the point where the posts shouldn’t be taken too seriously.


(Photo : Facebook: (G)I-DLE)

Melon Music Awards 2022 was a memorable experience for the girl group as they bagged three awards: “TOP10” award, “Music Video of the Year,” and the “Songwriter Award.”

Congratulations for (G)I-DLE for winning!

What do you think of (G)I-DLE Minnie’s recent posts? 

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