(G)I-DLE’s Concept for ‘I Love’ Comeback Has People Saying THIS

Following (G)I-DLE’s comeback, K-pop fans took to online community forums to comment on the concept of their “I Love” album.

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(G)I-DLE’s Complex Concept for Fifth Mini Album ‘I Love’ Leaves Fans Impressed

Recently on October 17, (G)I-DLE returned after seven months following the release of their first studio album “I Never Die” with their fifth mini album entitled “I Love.” 

“I Love” features a total of six tracks that depict various themes of love and emotion. In this album, the songs included are the title track “Nxde,” which is pronounced as “nude,” and the b-sides “Love,” “Change,” “Reset,” “Sculpture,” and “Dark (X-File).”

“Nxde,” which was written, composed, and arranged by member Soyeon, features the concept of “comparing the undecorated and dignified figure to the nude.” According to Soyeon, “It could be seen as obscene or it could be too lewd. But I consider nude not as just being naked, but being bare.”


(Photo : Twitter: @G_I_DLE)
(G)I-DLE makes comeback with ‘Nxde’

In particular, the entire “I Love” album was inspired by the late Hollywood icon, Marilyn Monroe. Regarding this, Soyeon had once stated her intent to break the stereotypical image of a “dumb blonde,” and express how blonde women can be smart as well.

Following the release of their album and its accompanying music video for “Nxde,” in which the five (G)I-DLE members donned blonde hair to transform into Marilyn Monroe, the girl group has since then been earning praise from fans and netizens alike for their concept.

Specifically, many praised Soyeon for her creativity, labeling her as a “genius” for delivering a great message to the youth through their newest album.


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Not only that, but many described how the album itself felt like an entire story as each of the songs weave together.

Some comments from netizens read:

“Jeon Soyeon is a genius. She is proud to show who she is, to love herself… I think this is such a great message for our youth. Even as an adult, their message resonates with me.”

“Jeon Soyeon is a genius. With the free rein to do what she wants, she has really created a masterpiece. The remaining members are also amazing for being able to pull all of this off as well.”

“One of the fun things about their tracklist is that [all of the songs] weave together like a story. It is like watching a movie!”

“I now see why Shuhua had bleached her hair. [There] is such a great meaning behind the album.”

What do you think of the album so far?

(G)I-DLE Sets New First-Day Sales Record With ‘I Love’

In other news, (G)I-DLE has set a new career record for first day sales with “I Love,” as it reportedly recorded 314,393 album copies sold in just a day, according to Hanteo.


(Photo : Facebook: (G)I-DLE)

With this first day sales figure, this makes (G)I-DLE the fourth female K-pop group in history to achieve such a feat, following BLACKPINK, aespa, and IVE.

In addition, “I Love” also broke the group’s own record for first week sales, as their previous album “I Never Die” sold around 176,000 album copies in its first week of release.

Congratulations to (G)I-DLE!

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