GOT The Beat Comeback 2023: Release Date, Album Title, More Details Announced

SM Entertainment’s project group GOT The Beat announced further details regarding their upcoming 2023 comeback. 

Here’s what you should know.

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GOT The Beat’s Upcoming 1st Mini Album ‘Stamp On It’

GOT The Beat Comeback 2023: More Details Revealed

The project unit will return with a new release in 2023.

On December 29, SM Entertainment announced the release date for their new content, as well as the album title “Stamp On It.”

“GOT The Beat’s 1st mini album will be released on January 16.”

The forthcoming release will also mark their first comeback ever. SM Entertainment will make sure to utilize their talents on its maximum potential by producing vocally driven songs.

Aside from the members’ vocals, GOT The Beat also features main dancers in the group. “Stamp On It” will feature 6 tracks with a dance-heavy format.

Check out the poster for the forthcoming mini-album below!

GOT The Beat's Upcoming 1st Mini Album 'Stamp On It'

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GOT The Beat’s Upcoming 1st Mini Album ‘Stamp On It’

Furthermore, GOT The Beat will be making an appearance in “SMTOWN Live 2023:SMCU Palace@Kwangya” on January 1, 2023.

SM Entertainment Gets Attention For Initial Comeback Announcement

Previously, SM Entertainment released a statement regarding the super-group’s comeback.

On December 23, SPOTV News informed fans that GOT The Beat will make their first comeback in 2023.

GOT The Beat

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GOT The Beat

SM Entertainment confirmed the information, and replied to the news report.

“GOT the Beat is preparing for their comeback in January 2023. Please look forward to their comeback.”

The event is one of the most anticipated shows in K-pop, considering how many of the SM artists will perform electrifying stages for fans around the world.

Another SM ‘Avengers’ Super-Group? Pink Bloods Discuss GOT The Beat’s Similarities To SuperM & NCT U

In other news, SM fans or otherwise known as Pink Bloods, discussed if GOT The Beat’s group format will be the same as SuperM and NCT U.

Girls on Top (GOT) drew fans’ interest after subtle hints that it will operate on a rotational basis. GOT was considered a theme-based group, similar to NCT U, together with SuperM’s strategy of recruiting members from groups affiliated with SM.

GOT the Beat / Girls on Top

(Photo : Girls on Top Twitter)
GOT the Beat / Girls on Top

In a sense, SM Entertainment’s Girls On Top will be the female counterpart to SuperM. Its members consist of idols hailing from different generations in K-pop. Those members are Winter, Karina, Seulgi, Wendy, Hyoyeon, Taeyeon and BoA.

Aside from the group formation, fans also expect how Girls On Top will narrow down more units, comprised of different members from SM’s girl groups. They made the claims due to the formation of its first sub-unit, GOT The Beat.

Are you looking forward to GOT The Beat’s new album? What other promotions will they possibly have in the future? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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