GOT7 BamBam Tweets About Suspected Nepotism — What Did The Idol Say?

GOT7 BamBam recently took to Twitter regarding nepotism remarks and hate comments.

Find out more about what the idol said.

GOT7 BamBam Tweets Response Regarding Suspected Nepotism

On January 3, GOT7 BamBam posted a tweet asking why he’s receiving unnecessary hate. He added how people should just focus on their daily lives, instead of projecting pointless dislike towards each other.

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“Let me live happily. What have I done that is bad for you guys? So many times, why do people in this world hate me so much? Just focus on work, focus on living each day. Does it bother a lot of people?”

BamBam’s tweet was posted after his recent performance at the 2023 countdown celebration in Pattaya, Thailand. According to their fandom Ahgases, BamBam was given another schedule. Regardless, BamBam chose the free concert in Pattaya Countdown Festival. Ahgases were ecstatic to see BamBam perform his songs on the event.

GOT7 Bambam

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However, other people hated on BamBam for appearing in the music festival, specifically a staff member from the event organizers. BamBam was mentioned, and the user said that even though many people attended, he would not be welcomed back, since he was admitted in the first place because of nepotism.

For further context, BamBam’s brother Bank, also known as Chindanai Bhuwakul, is a well-known hip-hop dance choreographer.

Ahgases Defend BamBam From Hate Comments & Nepotism Remarks

With the recent issue, Ahgases went to BamBam’s defense, stating how fans cannot accept such behavior from the staff member and event organizer. They called out the user’s rude remarks, hypocrisy and tagged Mono Entertainment, along with BamBam’s brother on their posts.

GOT7 Bambam

(Photo : Instagram: @bambam1a)

Furthermore, Ahgases wondered how anyone can hate on BamBam, since the artist had done nothing but give fans a wonderful time through his performances.

“As a fan who know how much effort BamBam had put in this show, I strongly CANNOT accept this! There’re many works but he chose to fly from Korea just to attend this and your staff didn’t even respect him. @MonoEntertain @Mono29TV @C_Bhuwakul

“I genuinely don’t understand how anyone could hate that boy. BamBam does nothing but try to entertain us, make us laugh, show he cares & thinks about us & loves us & his members. He doesn’t deserve to be the butt of your jokes or your punching bag.”

OP Apologizes To BamBam & Event Organizer Through Stories


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The user who gave negative comments about BamBam posted on TikTok Stories, apologizing to the event organizers and BamBam. He also asked for forgiveness among fans who were hurt by his statements:

“I have spoken to the organizer fully now. Sorry to Khun Bam, that I’ve been referring to. I’m sorry to the fans and organizers. I apologize for being unclear. At least I know this.”

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