Here Are 5 Viral K-pop Songs’ ‘Killing Parts’ in 2022 – Which One Is Your Favorite?

Among K-pop songs that were released in 2022, which track and its “killing part” that became memorable for fans so far? Here are five trending K-pop dances as of now!

In the K-pop scene, there are always songs that became memorable for their “killing parts.” In context, this term was used to define a part of the song that hooked and became the focal point of the whole song.

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Usually, these parts were also one of the reasons why a song became viral on social media, thanks to the trend of “dance challenges.”

In 2022, these K-pop songs and their “killing parts” are the most popular among fans so far.

Here Are 5 ‘Killing Parts’ You Shouldn’t Miss:

1. Red Velvet Joy’s ‘Blow Confetti’ Part in ‘Feel My Rhythm’


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In particular, the “killing part’s” name is a line from the group Red Velvet’s “Feel My Rhythm.” In this part, Joy became a hot topic for her iconic eye smile and refreshing dance. This eventually led to the moves becoming a trend online.

The challenge includes tapping both cheeks using your fingers and creating an illusion of blowing confetti” in the sky. You don’t have to perfect the dance, but the main point is for you to express the freshness of spring with your facial expression.

2. Billlie Tsuki’s ‘GingaMingaYo’ Part


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After Tsuki’s viral fancam for “GingaMingaYo,” her lines and dance part in the song became the “killing part,”, especially the chorus part.

In particular, the challenge includes showing colorful and various expressions while dancing, in line with the concept of the bizarre song and its lyrics, “what a strange world.”

3. IVE Jang Wonyoung’s ‘Narcissistic, my god I love it’ Part in ‘LOVE DIVE’


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As a team that represents the characteristics of Generation Z, which is confident and energetic, IVE also attracted the attention of K-pop enthusiasts with its killing part.

In particular, Jang Wonyoung’s facial expression and acting drew attention when they released, “LOVE DIVE.”

“Love Dive” depicts the concept of narcissism. Jang Wonyoung perfectly pulled it off, through the choreography of imitating the gesture when looking in the mirror confidently.

4. Jessi’s ‘Zoom In, Zoom Out’ Part in ‘ZOOM’


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Following the release of her new track, “ZOOM,” it became a massive hit on TikTok following the viral part, “Zoom In, Zoom Out.”

In this dance, you need to have oozing confidence and self-esteem while dancing this part, as if someone was taking your photo.

5. (G)I-DLE’s ‘Yeah, I’m Fxxking Tomboy’ part in ‘TOMBOY’


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(G)I-DLE also took the internet with its latest hit, “TOMBOY.” The song, which describes the story of being free from a toxic relationship contains censored lyrics such as “fxxking” and “xxx.”

Due to this, the song became viral on social media and its chorus part where Minnie and Yuqi sang, “Yeah, I’m fxxking tomboy” turned into a dance challenge on the internet.

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