Here are 6 Kpop Idols That Fans Believe To Have Perfect Qualities To Become CEO of Entertainment Company

Here are 6 Kpop Idols That Fans Believe To Have Perfect Qualities To Become CEO of Entertainment Company

Kpop idols have a hectic life. With all such activities as training, participating in events, promoting new products, …, Kpop idols can compare their dense schedules to successful business people in the world. But what if Kpop idols have the opportunity to become a real businessman?

One day, the CEOs who “dominate” the current music industry will step behind, making room for younger faces with enough leadership skills and qualities. Among today’s famous Kpop idols, many faces make the audience believe that they will become great leaders in the Korean music industry if given the right opportunity.

Here are 6 idols that many believe have the necessary qualities to become CEOs for Korean entertainment companies!

1. Hwang Minhyun (NU’EST/Wanna One)

When Minhyun joined “Produce 101”, he created one of the most explosive lineups throughout the show – “Sorry Sorry” Team 2, also known by fans as “Justice League.” There was a chance to choose the member very early, but Minhyun was not in a hurry to choose the highest-ranking members at that time.

He calmly identifies the members’ strengths and even gave an accurate statement about Kang Daniel’s hidden abilities (although Daniel was only ranked 23 and not a face that received much attention during his time at that point).

Minhyun’s wise and profound choices and great analytical ability made a strong impression on the “Produce 101” audience. And many people believe that “Hwang Zhuge Liang” can completely become a successful CEO of an entertainment company one day.

2. Key (SHINee)

Key has always been known as an intelligent, practical idol with remarkable logic and analytical ability. Many times in SHINee, he has always been able to put the group’s interests above the individual ambitions and even make the right decisions as a true CEO.

Key also has profound thoughts and is fluent in many different languages. Multidisciplinary talent, steadfast personality, practicality, and hard work spirit are definitely essential qualities that help him become a great CEO.

3. Taecyeon (2PM)

In fact, Taecyeon has also entered the business with its own brand, “OKCat.” Derived from the fact that Taecyeon loves drawing this blue cat, he has taken his work to new heights by becoming the CEO of “OKCat.”

His business is still going smoothly, and even “OkCat” has launched many product lines and is popular with everyone. Taecyeon has all the qualities of a successful businessman, especially when he majored in business administration and international studies.

4. Kahi

The former After School leader has come a long way in his career, from a backup dancer to an idol with a special Pledis Entertainment position.

Kahi possesses a “luxurious” spirit, a strong leadership style, and is one of the greatest leaders Kpop has ever produced. She was also a coach on “Produce 101”. Kahi’s experience and spirit will help her become a great CEO if she chooses this path.

5. Seohyun (SNSD)

Seohyun is a very professional, organized idol and has the ability to control any situation calmly. She possesses outstanding diplomatic potential in the field of expertise. Some people even want Seohyun to be the CEO that they call her “CEOhyun” instead of “Seohyun.”

Many others also believe that Seohyun can fully participate in the government if she decides to choose that path. SNSD’s maknae has repeatedly shown us that the power to influence others lies within themselves.

6. Jin (BTS)

Despite being the oldest member of the group, Jin is often underestimated by the public under his true ability. However, Jin is still a great motivation for BTS. He is always aware of how BTS and himself can affect his own and others’ futures.

Jin always cares for his teammates, and he always excellently completes the role of a big brother. Jin is brilliant, reliable, always full of positive energy, and a very attentive person. Jin’s father is also the CEO, so we have the right to hope to welcome the birth of a “JINHit Entertainment” in the future.

In your opinion, are there any other idols who are qualified to become great CEO of entertainment companies?

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