Huening Siblings Go Viral After Adorable Rivalry — Here’s What The Idols Did

The Huening siblings have made another interaction go viral, showcasing their chemistry. Recently, the siblings ‘battled’ it out for a birthday greeting to a certain idol whom the siblings are close to, and fans can’t get enough of their exchanges.

Here’s what the idols did.

Successful Fangirling & Birthday Greetings: Huening Siblings’ Cute Rivalry

Kep1er Huening Bahiyyih has always been a successful fangirl of TXT. She even revealed that her bias was TXT Soobin, instead of her older brother, Huening Kai, garnering funny reactions from fans.

(Photo : Huening Kai and Huening Bahiyyih (Instagram))

On a recent video, TXT Soobin featured his birthday live stream. During the celebration, Soobin mentioned to Huening Kai that his sister greeted him first before he did, resulting into a hilarious banter between the two.

TXT Soobin

(Photo : Facebook: TXT (TOMORROW X TOGETHER))
TXT Soobin’s Supposed Childhood Best Friend Describes Idol as Kid, Recalls Memories of Him

Huening Kai even defended his side, saying he tweeted a birthday greeting for Soobin. But Soobin jokingly teased him that it doesn’t count since greetings are supposed to be told personally, given how close they are in the same group.

Soobin: Hiyyih was quicker to greet me happy birthday than you.

Huening Kai: No, what? But at midnight I posted.

Soobin: Did you also greet me?

Huening Kai: Yes, I posted on Twitter.

Soobin: So what if you tweeted?

Huening Kai: Of course, it’s to greet you happy birthday.

Soobin: That doesn’t count since you must tell me personally!

After their funny conversation, Soobin brought up how Huening Bahiyyih texted him her wishes earlier than Huening Kai.

“She wished me happy birthday at 8 in the morning!”

Afterwards, Soobin mentioned a follow up text from Huening Bahiyyih, assessing if she had texted him earlier than her older brother to which Soobin hilariously agreed to.

“She sent another text that said, “I texted you before Kai oppa, didn’t I?” And I replied, “Yeah, you’re right. You’re better than Kai.”

The siblings have again made a memorable memory through their unparalleled chemistry, to which fans truly adore. It emphasized how close the siblings are, how TXT treats Huening Bahiyyih like their younger sister as well, and how much of a successful TXT fangirl she is.

Birthday Greetings Rivalry Garners Online Attention

Fans were ecstatic about their recent interaction, mentioning how cute their dynamics are.

Kep1er Huening Bahiyyih and TXT Huening Kai

(Photo : Twitter: @bahiyyihub)
Kep1er Huening Bahiyyih and TXT Huening Kai

They even expressed how Huening Bahiyyih has now acquired four extended brothers in TXT.

“Knowing Soobin almost grew up in the huening household with the people there, he is the closest to Kai’s family and now Kai has a rival to be Soobin’s gum HAHA”

“hiyyih and lea greeted soobin a happy birthday, my heart”

“omg hiyyih greeted soobin a happy birthday, she really is txt sister and you can’t convince me otherwise”

“txt lil sister :)”

“They really are like her extended brothers”

“Our little sister bahiyyih is so sweet”

“battle of the soobrangdans. its so cute how the huenings r really all just soobrangdans”

Did the siblings’ ‘battle’ make you laugh as well? Let us know in the comments below.

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