HyunA & Dawn Break Up — Here’s Their Announcement on Instagram

On November 30, HyunA posted an Instagram update, announcing her breakup with her long time partner, Dawn.

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HyunA & Dawn Breakup: Idols Announce Split on SNS

In a recent Instagram post, HyunA announced the news of her and Dawn’s separation. She stated that they have broken up, following her stating how they would remain as good friends and colleagues from now on. Lastly, she thanked everyone who supported them.

See the following statement below:

“We broke up.

We decided to remain as good friends and colleagues from now on.

Thank you always for your support and for looking over us fondly.”

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Regarding their history together, the power couple started dating in 2016, then proceeded to make their relationship public in the year 2018.

HyunA and DAWN

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Fans have expressed their shock online towards the unexpected breakup.


“Cant even “omg a hit tweet” this I’m genuinely in tears”


“really shocking… they were so lovely together tho, but hoping that hyuna and dawn will find happiness on their own”

“It must have taken a lot for them to break. I wish them both the best.”

Most fans have known the couple going out of their comfort zone in an industry that prioritizes privacy. Others implied how hard it is for an idol to have a relationship in the K-Pop community.

“I could have expected every couple in the world breaking up but not them”

“Hyuna and Dawn breaking up is the last straw”

“HyunA and E’Dawn was literally our standard of a couple in the kpop community now we have this news


“With so much chaos in k-pop, any sort of news does not affect me anymore, yet it feels a bit sad that all of their Instagram is full with each other’s posts. It’s their personal issue. Since k-pop Stans don’t respect this private thing, i don’t have much left to say “

“They gave hope and courage to a lot of idols.”

Hyuna & Dawn’s History As Inspiring Power Couple in K-Pop

Ever since disclosing their relationship publicly on 2018, the couple went through a lot of changes regarding their personal and idol life. South Korean music industry is well-known to have strict policies when it comes to dating.

However, the couple threaded the needle together to prove how having relationships are normal for anyone, even for an idol. The power couple have gained huge presence in social media, gaining the general public’s acceptance, and even working out their careers without separating.

HyunA and DAWN

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Moving forward with their strong relationship, the couple announced their wedding engagement on February 3, where Dawn posted on Instagram presenting a wedding ring for HyunA. The caption read “MARRY ME” in which Hyuna responded with a post and captioned “Of course, yes.”

The couple was also interviewed in a talk show “Turkids on the Block.”

Host Lee Yong Jin asked Dawn in a segment if he and HyunA will ever break up, in which Dawn replied by expressing his love for his partner.

“I thought about it, but I think I can let it [social media account] go. I can just open another account. I won’t love anyone again even if I break up with her “



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