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The Korean newspaper voted for idols have surreal beauty IRL: There are members of BLACKPINK but not Jisoo

Báo Hàn bình chọn ra những thần tượng có vẻ đẹp siêu thực Có thành viên của BLACKPINK nhưng không phải Jisoo

There are many pretty boys and girls in the K-pop industry. Many people are charming when you see them on TV, but according to Korean media, these idols have surreal beauty IRL, looking “100 times” better than through photos or videos! Do you want to know who they have chosen? Read on.

BLACKPINK Jennie, TWICE Tzuyu: These female idols look much better in real life than in front of the camera.

The first idol mentioned is Jennie of BLACKPINK! According to the media, the singer “SOLO” has a unique, luxurious, and elegant appearance. She is both sexy and sweet.

Just a small change in her smile or her eyebrows can dramatically change Jennie’s appearance. The media claimed that although she looked beautiful in the photos, it was difficult to capture her full charisma. What’s the best way to witness it? Meet Jennie in real life !!!

Jennie(Photo : Jennie Instagram)
(Photo: Jennie Instagram)

The next female idol mentioned is the center of IZ * ONE, Jang Wonyoung. This 16-year-old girl is 171cm tall, with long legs measuring approximately 120cm. The female idol is praised for her well-proportioned figure, surreal beauty, extremely sharp and delicate lines.

Jang Wonyoung is also known for her minimalistic style of makeup and pastel colors. According to the media, it isn’t easy to see how gorgeous the female idol is on the screen because they cannot record her entire beauty with the camera!

(Photo : IZ*ONE Instagram)
(Photo: IZ*ONE Instagram)

TWICE’s official visual, Tzuyu, is the last female idol mentioned. Tzuyu has been called many times for her beautiful pictures and videos. However, according to Korean media, no matter how many photos of Tzuyu are taken, they never seem to portray her beauty fully!

In 2019, Tzuyu was honored by TC Candler as “The most beautiful face in the world”; The beauty made the other person say, “How beautiful is she !!”

Tzuyu idols have surreal beauty
(Photo: TWICE Instagram)

BTS V and EXO Chanyeol: Male idols have surreal beauty

The following idols are mentioned as male idols. BTS’s V, who was dubbed the “World’s Most Handsome Face” by TC Candler in 2017, is known for his amazingly balanced face and sharp model-like features. However, even the fans claim that the camera cannot capture the beauty of V!

(Photo: BTS Twitter)

According to Korean media, V has “three-dimensional” facial features (3D?) And he is very good at expressing his facial expressions. Some have even said that V has a slightly more bizarre appearance that could give him a rather western appearance, even though he is 100% Korean. Hardly anyone can capture the beauty of V!

The last idol mentioned by the media is EXO’s visual, Chanyeol! Some people say that Chanyeol is not photogenic… because no photo can capture his true beauty! Chanyeol is known for her beauty like an elf, 100 times more beautiful in real life than in the photo. No photo can show all that Chanyeol!

(Photo: Chanyeol Instagram)

Are there any other idols in real life that are prettier than in pictures? Please leave your comment.

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