Is Lee Chae Yeon’s Solo Career Almost Over? Idol Allegedly Couldn’t Retain Her IZ*ONE Hype

Lee Chae Yeon made her K-pop debut as a member of the girl group IZ*ONE.

In 2019, the South Korean-Japanese female group was founded through the Mnet reality competition show, Produce 48. However, the group disbanded in April 2021 after their contract expired.

All of the members of the group went their own ways, with Lee Chae Yeon making her solo debut last month.

Lee Chae Yeon With IZ*ONE

Lee Chae Yeon auditioned with her sister Chaeryeong on Sixteen, a show hosted by JYP Entertainment to choose a final lineup for the girl group Twice.

Unfortunately, neither sibling made it to the end, and Chae Yeon opted to quit JYP, leaving her sister to make her debut with ITZY.

Chae Yeon has wowed the public with her outstanding talent on Produce 48, where she thrived. Despite her unstable ranking, she was able to get a slot on IZ*ONE.

Chae Yeon garnered a lot of applause from the crowd and viewers for being a member of the female group. In fact, many feel she helped “elevate” IZ*ONE’s performance quality. Chae Yeon is also regarded as one of the best dancers among K-Pop stars.

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Lee Chae Yeon Disappoints With ‘Hush Rush’

According to kbizoom, it took a long time for Lee Chae Yeon to make her solo debut, but unfortunately, it resulted in massive regrets because the female idol is unable to maintain the IZ*ONE hype.

In October, the 22-year-old launched her mini-album Hush Rush, accompanied with a music video for the title song.

In the video, Chae Yeon was shown waking up in a wooden coffin in the center of an empty home in the Halloween-themed music video. A massive dog stands by her.

It follows the singer-dancer as she goes about her day at the house, from watching classic Halloween movies on an old-school TV to studying behind a table to avoid the sun’s rays.

Her most recent song, however, fell short of fans’ expectations.

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While “Hush Rush” is a good song, it is allegedly insufficient, especially in the extremely competitive world of K-pop.

WM Entertainment is also being criticized for not adequately marketing Chae Yeon’s song.

Despite the fact that the idol’s strength lay in her dance abilities, many people were disappointed by how the music video failed to emphasize the choreography.

As a result, many fans feel Lee Chae Yeon would have been better off joining another female group rather than launching her own solo career. This is because many fans feel that, while Chae Yeon is talented at dancing, she lacks the confidence required to be considered a true solo K-pop star.

Fans also say Chae Yeon should focus on more choreography-focused tracks with passionate melodies so she can easily dance to them.

Lee Chae Yeon is the fourth member of IZ*ONE to make a solo debut after the band’s disbandment, following Kwon Eun-bi in August 2021, Jo Yu-ri in October 2021, and Choi Yena in January 2022.

Fans will have to wait and see what Chae Yeon has in store for them next.

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