ITZY Yuna Raises Concerns for Being ‘Too Skinny’ – Here’s What Happened

ITZY Yuna is often praised for her “ant waist” and model-like proportion. But when her recent fancam circulated online, MIDZYs expressed concerns about her health as she appeared to be “too skinny.”

(Photo : Yuna (Instagram, @archiveespo Twitter))

ITZY Yuna Draws Attention for Being ‘Too Skinny’

On April 27, ITZY Yuna’s health became a hot topic among K-pop fans.

In particular, concerns for the idol started when her fancam circulated on the web. The video was taken on April 9, 2022, during ITZY’s “TWENTY” First Fan Meeting with MIDZYs (ITZY fandom).

In the video, MIDZYs think the members looked thinner, with their abs showing. But it was Yuna who garnered the most attention because her ribcage was conspicuous even from afar.

ITZY Yuna Raises Concerns for Being 'Too Skinny' – Here's What Happened

(Photo : Yuna (Instagram))

People then began a discussion over Yuna’s health. Some, particularly her fans, still defended the idol by claiming she’s healthy.

“I can’t see anything wrong with this, it’s true that she’s skinny, but she’s healthy.”

“Yuna is a huge eater, I can’t understand why this is an issue.”

“This is obviously edited.”

“I think it’s the lighting and shadow that makes her look thinner than she is.”

But most expressed concerns, saying:

“It’s alarming, she’s not even skinny, she’s bony.”

“How come it’s not an issue? Even if the lighting is bad, you can’t be that skinny on camera if you’re not in person.”

“What’s their agency doing? These girls are obviously being over-diet.”

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ITZY Yuna Raises Concerns for Being 'Too Skinny' – Here's What Happened

(Photo : ITZY Yuna (Instagram))

Just earlier this month, Yuna gained praise for her slim body.

On April 20, the “LOCO” singer uploaded her two photos on ITZY’s official Instagram with the caption, “denim on denim.”

In the photos, the 20-year-old star caused a frenzy by showing off her ant waist, earning the nickname “Visual Maknae.”

ITZY Yuna Raises Concerns for Being 'Too Skinny' – Here's What Happened

(Photo : Yuna (Instagram))

Yuna, who is known to be 170 centimeters tall and weighs 46.8 kilograms, is praised by many for her figure.

In her full-length body photo, Yuna also boasted golden ratio, represented by her small face and long legs, showing off her eye-catching goddess-like beauty.

ITZY Yuna Raises Concerns for Being 'Too Skinny' – Here's What Happened

(Photo : Lia, Yuna (Instagram))

However, following the aforementioned fancam, fans urge the idol to be healthier and say she’s pretty no matter what her body size is.

What are your thoughts on this?

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