IVE Wonyoung’s Visual Is No Match To THIS SM Artist? Here’s Why DIVEs Think So

IVE Jang Wonyoung is among the fourth-generation K-pop idols who possess a goddess-like beauty, which allows her to have different fashion luxury brands and make-up products down on their knees to have her as a brand ambassador or muse.

Often seen in her fresh make-up look that features her doe-eyes and plump lips, many netizens cannot help but admire her beauty.  

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Nevertheless, despite owning one of the most beautiful faces in the industry, Wonyoung’s visual was labelled “less appealing” by netizens as she lends her face to the brand.

To whom is Wonyoung being compared? Stay curious as you scroll through this article.

IVE Wonyoung’s Visual Is Not Match to THIS SM Artist?

Wonyoung is the muse of ‘Innisfree,’ a Korean skincare brand. However, before the ‘LOVE DIVE’ singer took the muse throne, Innisfree’s brand ambassador was an idol from the visual capital of the K-pop industry, SM Entertainment.

With SM’s standard on visual, it is no doubt that THIS former Innisfree muse has cemented her standing as one of the pillars of Korean beauty.

SNSD Yoona

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For 11 years, Girls’ Generation Yoona was the skincare brand’s muse, so as Wonyoung ascended to replace her, netizens could not help but compare the two’s visuals.

With the release of Wonyoung’s promotional materials for Innisfree, netizens have commented that her “make-up style” does not suit the brand.

IVE Wonyoung

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During stage performances, Wonyoung’s make-up tends to be significantly heavy and colorful – sparkly eyeshadow, curled and sometimes extended eyelashes, and glossy lips. However, in the advertisement materials of the skincare brand, Wonyoung had light to natural make-up.

Although some fans commented on how the light make-up highlighted Wonyoung’s beauty, some criticized her as the light make-up revealed hints of “eyelid surgery.”

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Patrons of Innisfree knew that the cosmetic company adheres to “natural and pure beauty”. Therefore netizens deem that the brand’s “natural image” does not suit the ‘LOVE DIVE’ singer.

Some who compared Wonyoung to Yoona even mentioned that the IVE member is no match to Yoona as the advertisement materials appeared “below the stellar standards.”

On the other hand, Yoona had several collaborations with Innisfree and its patrons. They consider the Girls’ Generation lead dancer and lead rapper’s gentle and pure image to be the complete epitome of the brand’s image. As a result, Wonyoung received harsh comparisons.

SNSD Yoona

(Photo : Innisfree)

Here are some of netizens’ comments:

“Her photos do not resemble the image of muse.”

“She is not the best fit for this brand.”

“She will have difficulties in reaching the level of Yoona who has an angelic face.”


DIVEs Stands in the Frontline to Defend IVE Wonyoung

Despite the backfires thrown at Wonyoung, DIVEs stood to defend the IVE vocalist-visual. DIVEs cited Wonyoung’s “feminine and adorable look” as the visual component that may help Innisfree’s public relations stunts to the youth market.

IVE Wonyoung & SNSD Yoona

(Photo : Twitter || @IVE_twt & @GirlsGeneration)

Although the two visual pillars are on different K-pop generations, it is no doubt that they easily capture the enormous crowds’ attention in just a blink of an eye.

Subsequently, many K-pop fans deem IVE Woonyoung and NMIXX Sullyoon to be the future of K-pop visuals as they follow the lead of their seniors who paved the way, Miss A Suzy and Girls Generation Yoona.

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Written by Sophia Carson

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