Jessica Jung’s ‘Unfair Treatment’ to Korean vs Chinese Fans? Reporter Talks About Idol

Lee Jin Ho, an entertainment journalist turned YouTuber, expressed his thoughts about Jessica Jung’s attitude toward her fans in China and Korea. Here’s what he said.

Jessica Jung Attitude to Chinese vs Korean Fans Discussed by Reporter Lee Jin Ho

On August 8, YouTube reporter Lee Jin Ho posted a new video, titled “Why Jessica, a former member of Girls’ Generation, sat on a money cushion in China | The reality of 1.2 trillion won (923.2 million USD) in Chinese entertainment.”

He talked about Jessica Jung and Girls’ Generation, who both created memorable events this August by having re-debut and comeback, respectively. He said:

“Jessica took the stage of the season 3 final of ‘Sisters Who Make Waves’, which aired in China on August 5, the same date when Girls’ Generation made a comeback.”

In particular, the former SNSD member joined the program with the desire to re-debut in a new Chinese girl group comprised of women in their 30s. At the end of the show, Jessica finished the competition in second place, and secured her spot in the final lineup of the 10-member group.

Jessica Jung’s Profile Photos for ‘Sisters Who Make Waves’ Released

(Photo : Nate News)
Jessica Jung’s Profile Photos for ‘Sisters Who Make Waves’

After winning, Jessica took to her Weibo and said:

“An unforgettable precious memory was made this summer. I’ll cherish it forever. This is for you.”

In the clip, Lee Jin Ho emphasized that the handwritten letter was written in Chinese and English. He explained:

“What’s the point of this? Jessica has rarely written a letter to her fans in Korean while working in Korea. Even in the process of withdrawing from Girls’ Generation, they did not write a handwritten letter.

Also, Jessica has mainly communicated in English on Instagram, the Korean base. This is in stark contrast to the active communication in Chinese on Weibo. We can see how much she love her Chinese fans.”

In the latter part of the vlog, Lee stated:

“However, in the process, Jessica did not mention or greet Korean fans at all, which is regrettable.”

Looking at Lee’s claims, he highlighted the “unfair treatment” of the idol to her supporters in Korea, compared to her Chinese and other international fans.

Reporter Lee Implies Jessica Jung’s Attitude Is Directly Linked to Her Income in China

As the vlog went on, Reporter Lee claimed that Jessica treating well Chinese supporters is due to the fact that career is big in the country.

Initially, Jessica received sour reactions from Chinese fans for her ethnicity but later on, she turned their hearts around with her outstanding skills and active communication. She even ranked third as the most popular contestant, beating well-known Chinese stars.

Jessica Jung Trends on Weibo Following ‘Sisters Who Make Waves 3’ Performance

(Photo : Jessica Jung Instagram)

He emphasized:

“This ranking is also expected to be directly linked to future earnings. So how much money will Jessica make in the Chinese market? The girl group has not yet begun its activities, so no accurate estimates have been made through local media. However, it is possible to predict how large it is.”

Lee mentioned that Jessica’s fee for one drama is 450,000 yuan. It is a huge amount of 86 million won in Korean money (66,165 USD).

On top of her appearance in the show, Jessica also signed an agreement to continue working with Mango TV at the time of her appearance. It is also said to have signed an additional contract with MCN Agency.

Jessica's Existence in SNSD Photo When She Was Still Active Edited Out in 'You Quiz on the Block,' Draws Divided Reactions

(Photo : Jessica (News1))

With this, she was able to work with luxury brands and magazines as an idol

As the video went on, Lee further guessed:

“Jessica must have been surprised that it was so easy to make money in China. The 8 billion won lawsuit that the company suffered last year is now meaningless. It also means that Jessica has made a lot of money.”

See Lee Jin Ho’s full video here:

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